36 Stunning Back Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2023

Are you thinking about getting a big or small back tattoo? If yes, then let me tell you that it is a good way to turn your body into a work of art., and believe me you would want to see this art every day. Women getting tattoos on their backs has always been cool. There’s no question that Women look great with tattoos on their backs, whether they’re big or small. and no matter what style of tattoo it is. 

Top 36 Back Tattoo Ideas for Women

The 36 beautiful back tattoos for women below will give you a lot of ideas for your own tattoo, no matter how big or small it is. Take these pictures to your tattoo artist or shop. They will work on making these beautiful tattoo ideas come to life on your back.

1. Bride Back Tattoo Ideas

Bride Back Tattoos Idea
Bride Back Tattoos Idea

Cat was a belly dancer and Tim was an astronaut instead of wearing wedding clothes. After that, Cat got it tattooed on her back. What love!

2. Full Back Tattoos

Full Back Tattoos

These tattoos can be of any subject you want. They can be of scenery, everyday scenes, abstract art, or something else. Most of the time, these works of art stand out because they are big and have a lot of.

3. Tribal Back Tattoo

Tribal Back Tattoo

Most of the time, getting a tribal tattoo is linked to a rite of passage or a big change.

Modern designs come in a lot of different styles and can often be worn by people who aren’t part of the cultural society.

Shoulders, arms, and sides are the most common places for tribal tattoos, but the back is often where they look best.

4. Dragon back tattoos

Dragon back tattoos
Dragon back tattoos

In different countries, dragons stand for different things. People in the west think of them as bad and bad for the world. In the east, on the other hand, they stand for royalty and power.

5. Arrow Tattoos

Arrow Tattoos

Women with these arrow-shaped back tattoos look very beautiful and seductive. For every woman, the lines show how important it is to have a goal in life. 

6. Small Back Tattoo

Small Back Tattoo

Due to the flat surface and space, your back is a great place for big tattoos. However, smaller patterns also look good there. When you want a simple, low-key look or just want to get inked, a small back tattoo might be a good choice.

7. Angel Back Tattoo

Angel Back Tattoo

Most of the women who chose this angel back tattoo were sure of themselves. They pick it because it reminds them of a good life and a strong mind.

8. Lotus Back Tattoos for Women

Lotus Back Tattoos for Women

Women can get lotus back tattoos in either black and white or colored ink. You can even be creative and try both. 

One of the best things about lotus patterns is that they can be as simple as lines or as complicated as you can imagine.

9. Wings Back Tattoo

Wings Back Tattoo

Wing tattoos often have a spiritual meaning. They can mean breaking free from problems and failures or becoming a better or more “angelic” person. 

10. Simplicity of Art

Simplicity of Art

Women’s simple art tattoos are very beautiful and interesting. For viewers, simplicity is an important and interesting feature. Even artists think that simple art tattoos are romantic and beautiful. The mark on her back is something you can’t get rid of. 

11. Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo

The tree in body art represents food, life after death, fertility, and freedom.

12. Simple Rose Sward Back Tattoos

Simple Rose Sward Back Tattoos

The tattoo can stay black and white, but since it’s a simple shape, you can add some colors to make it look better. You can put one simple design on your shoulder blade or spread out several simple designs on different parts of your back. 

13. Small Bird Back Tattoos

Small Bird Back Tattoos

Most women who get back tattoos choose birds, which is cool because birds look good on the back. They stand for freedom and going places. 

14. Tree and Sun

Tree and Sun

This beautiful red tattoo was done by Daemon Rowanchilde at Urban Primitive, which is outside of Toronto. It was created with Hadley Taylor, who has the beautiful art.

15. Blue dragon tattoo on the upper back

Blue dragon tattoo on the upper back

There are just the right amount of features in this dragon outline tattoo for it to stand out. The artist could have made the dragon completely black, but girls would not like it that dark.

16. Spine Tattoo

Spine Tattoo

There is something dangerous and strange about the spine tattoo. You can use any straight line design, like Morse code, moon phases, a quote, or a tree.

17. Phoenix Back Tattoo

Phoenix Back Tattoo

There is something about the phoenix that many guys can relate to. In myths, the strong, magical bird comes back to life from the ashes, stronger than ever. 

18. Red & Black Rose Back Tattoos for Women

Red & Black Rose Back Tattoos for Women

The most popular tattoo style right now is the red and black rose. Many people like them and try them on different parts of their bodies. 

The most common tattoo design for women is a rose. In order to get the best rose tattoos, you should ask your tattoo artist to push themselves to the limit. 

19. Fairy Back Tattoos for Women

Fairy Back Tattoos for Women

A lot of women think it’s better to get a Spartan tattoo on their lower back. While many skilled tattoo artists think every woman has a great lower back.

If you want to give your fairy tattoo more depth and life, you can play around with different colors and shades. Give your artist a chance to be artistic and let their ideas flow over to you. 

20. Heart Back Tattoos for Women

Heart Back Tattoos for Women

Most of the time, girls and women like getting a heart on their upper back. The watch has a heart shape on it.

Red, white, and black are the three colors that you should use. Pay attention to the small details that will make the heart look good. 

For the back tattoos, you can ask your artist to come up with some interesting heart patterns.

21. Geometric Back Tattoos

Geometric Back Tattoos

22. Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

23. Back and Half Sleeve Tattoo

Back and Half Sleeve Tattoo

24. Blue Snake and Blood Moon

Blue Snake and Blood Moon

25. Snake Back Tattoos

Snake Back Tattoos

26. Compass Back Tattoo

Compass Back Tattoo

27. Back and Neck Tattoo

Back and Neck Tattoo

28. Pink Floral Moon and Butterfly Back Tattoos for Women

Pink Floral Moon and Butterfly Back Tattoos for Women

29. Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagle Back Tattoo

30. Quote Back Tattoo

Quote Back Tattoo

31. Skull Back Tattoo

Skull Back Tattoo

32. Wolf Back Tattoo

Wolf Back Tattoo

33. Circle the Tree Back Tattoos for Women

Circle the Tree Back Tattoos for Women

34. Full Back Dragon and Eagle Tattoo

Full Back Dragon and Eagle Tattoo

35. Butterfly Back Tattoos for Women

Butterfly Back Tattoos for Women

36. Butterfly Spine Tattoo

Butterfly Spine Tattoo

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