Ja Morant Hair: A Ultimate Guide to His Famous Hairstyle

Ja Morant’s hair has gotten a lot of attention on social media, which has made him the center of attention because of this unusual look. We’ve seen him change his hairstyle from an afro to twists to the standard dreads he has now.

Dreads are one of the most famous hairstyles in black culture, and they are also becoming more and more popular among professional athletes. Ja Morant is a good example of this. In our article, we’ll talk about how his hair has changed over time and look at how it looks now.

Electric Ja Morant Hair Key Takeaways:

  • The hairstyle of Ja Morant consists of free-form dreads styled creatively in thick braids, kamikaze twists, divided cornrows, locks, shorts, and ponytails.
  • Ja Morant brought his hairstyle to the attention of NBA supporters by modifying his dreadlocks from his 2020 season to the present.
  • These hairstyles are for individuals with oblong faces and Afro-textured hair with upward spirals.

Which Hairstyle Does Ja Morant Wear?

ja morant hair

Ja Morant wears tiny to medium-sized traditional locs in his hair. Locs, also known as dreads or free-form dread, are small sections of hair that have been permitted to lock up and form a cylindrical shape.

Simply put, Ja Morant hair is referred to as free-form dread. It is typically taken up by individuals with 4b hair type and is as natural as it gets. 

Perhaps the best aspect of this hair is the routine that comes with it, as it does not require a great deal of attention or maintenance for good results. 

The strands are exceptionally resilient, which may explain why Ja is frequently observed wrapping the dreads around each other to create multiple thick and undulating coils.

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Ja Morant Hairstyle Over the Years

Ja Morant Dreads

ja morant hair color

Ja Morant debuted with shoulder-length dreadlocks. According to a fan remark on a YouTube video, the current roster of NBA players has the best dreadlocks.

Ja Morant Hair in an Afro (2019)

ja morant hair

2019 is a new year, and Ja Morant is a new player on the court. During this period, we observed him with afro hair and a taper fade.

The Blowout

ja morant hair

The blowout hairstyle is an excellent choice for those with afro hair and is appropriate for all occasions; Ja wore it during his days as an adolescent mastermind. It has the ideal amount of volume for those who need their hair to have a flattening effect on their face shape, as voluminous hairstyles typically result in a narrower face shape.

Ja Morant Braids

ja morant hair color

Since this Murray State alumnus has dreadlocks, he must have had excellent tresses for his entire career in the league. Dreadlocks are braided rapidly with patterns such as side-swept, halo, yarn, and Bantu knots, to name a few.

 This Memphis sports team member’s braided hairstyle deserves recognition because it complements his Afro-textured hair.

Twists (2020)

ja morant hair

Shortly after arranging his hair with an afro taper fade, he switched to twists. Not only did the twists give the player a new appearance, but they were also a wonderful protective style. This would be the ideal segue into his tresses being formed.

Middle Length Dreads

ja morant hair color

Ja Morant showcased this hairstyle during his inaugural season. It consists of multiple spirals of dreadlocks of medium length and is an excellent hairstyle for those who are growing out their hair.

Not only will this hairstyle allow the wearer to successfully avoid awkward phases, but it will also allow them to showcase their hair’s growth and density.

Ja Morant Cornrows

ja morant hair style

This NBA player’s cornrows are as striking as his defensive prowess and demeanor on the court. Morant sported cornrows with his Afro-textured hair during his first year as an NBA conference player. He has thick hair, which may explain why Ja’s sunbeam cornrow with a tapered fade appears so sleek and well-kept.

Ja Morant Short Hair

ja morant hair style

During his freshman season, Ja Morant displayed vigor, skills, and development, exuding an NCAA-traveled vibe with his short hair.

Ja Morant Current Hairstyle

ja morant hair style

Current hairstyle of Ja Morant is traditional dreadlocks.  Not only are dreadlocks enough to make you stand out on the court, as most athletes will sport buzz cuts, but the front few locs of his dreads are dyed blue and pink.

 While hairstyles may appear to be the norm in the NBA today, this was not always the case.

How to Get Ja Morant Hairstyle

If you wanna get Ja Morant’s hair locs, it is necessary to initiate the cultivation of a set of locs. One potential method to accomplish this task by utilizing a technique known as two-strand twists

  • It is recommended to engage in a hair care routine that includes washing, conditioning, and detangling the hair.
  • The optimal approach for untangling curly hair is gently running one’s fingers or a comb over the hair strands while they are saturated with conditioner.
  • Determine the desired size of your locs. 
  • The size of Ja Morant’s locs is within the range of neither being excessively small nor excessively huge, hence it is advisable to go for smaller parts. 
  • One may refer to an image depicting Ja Morant’s locs in order to gain insight into the appropriate size for replication.
  • Utilize a rat-tail comb to meticulously delineate a diminutive segment of hair.
  • Apply a small amount of oil over the exposed scalp at the parting line.
  • Administer a modest quantity of locking gel onto your palm and proceed to distribute it onto the designated portion of your hair.
  • Please untangle the section again as necessary. It is not advisable to manipulate one’s hair while it is tangled. 
  • The potential consequences of this action may result in a detrimental impact on the aesthetic appearance of your ultimate dreadlocks.
  • The recommended procedure involves dividing the section into two equal parts and thereafter twisting each strand of hair individually, starting from the roots and continuing till the ends. 
  • One possible method to prevent the unraveling of hair is by manually coiling the hair’s end using one’s fingers.

Final Thoughts

Ja Morant is an NBA basketball player with an impressive career, but the focus today is on his hairstyle.

The variations may appear challenging, but those with medium to long Afro-textured hair should consider them. You will certainly stand out on the court if you adopt his fashion sense!

To create your own version of Ja Morant’s hairstyle, remember the steps explained above.

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