You’re in the right place. Travel World Fashion “Write for Us” section is a great place to display your fashion brand or talk about the latest fashion trends. Also, anyone can send us travel stories as long as they are written well and follow our rules, which you can find below. 

With our top metrics, fashion advertisers can ensure that their brand’s identity will reach the largest possible audience and generate an extensive amount of traffic. Please keep in mind that travel stories don’t just have to be about big trips. Local trips and articles like “The 10 Best Bakeries in Los Angeles” are right up our alley.

Our content reaches thousands of readers each month (including our blog and social media channels).

Our Site’s Stats:

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What You Benefit and What We Benefit 

Benefits For Gain:

  • A platform for sharing your travel stories.
  • A location to call home 
  • A flawless platform for all fashion authors.
  • A link to your blog, if applicable.
  • Your content is shared across our social media channels.

What We Benefit:

  • Awesome fashion and travel related stories/posts to share with our readers and associates.
  • Growth and the opportunity to introduce the world to more destinations.

We Accept Guest Post on Topics Related to…

  • Latest Fashion trends | Fashion/Shopping | Luxury Fashion | Fashion Design | Fashion Accessories
  • Tattoo | Makeup | Hairstyle | Nail Art 
  • Best Places to Visit | Destinations | Trek | Leisure Activity | Point of Interest | Solo Travel Guides
  • Food | People | Culture of Travel | Travel Planning | Travel Experiences

We do not Accept Guest Posts on…

  • Casino 
  • CBD 
  • Gambling
  • Betting

Submission Guidelines for Publishing your Travel + Fashion Guest Post

  • Your post should be relevant to our audience’s interests. Start with an attention-grabbing headline to engage the reader. Spend a few minutes reading our website to become familiar with our offerings.
  • Use concise and straightforward language. Your post should motivate the reader to go shopping or travel the world around them.
  • Incorporate visual media, such as images and videos to make content for appealing to the readers.
  • Relevant links to other sites are highly appreciated. The post should have high-quality links, which makes the post more credible.
  • The post should be neatly structured with proper paragraphs, headings and subheadings.
  • Always use simple words that can help readers understand what you’re talking about. Don’t use slang or technical terms.
  • The post should contain plenty of pictures. Our preferred sizes are 1024×667 in PNG or JPEG format.
  • Make sure there are no grammatical errors in the content.
  • We don’t accept AI-generated or plagiarized content. So your content should be AI and plagiarism-free.
  • At Least 1000+ word count.

If we like your pitch, we’ll look for a piece that follows these rules. Before we put your post on our site, we might ask you to make a few changes.

How To Submit Your Pitch

  • Have an idea to submit an article, please email it to travelworldwithfashion@gmail.com.
  • Send us your article in Google Doc or in Word file format.
  • We will revert you back in 12 hrs.

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Are You Going to Link to My Blog If My Piece Gets Published?

Yes. We’ll link back to your site/blog.

Do I Need to Add Pictures with My Article?

Yes, please include some original photos with your story.

What If My Article Has No Images?

No worries, we will use some pictures from our collection.

What Are You Waiting for?

Yes seriously, I am asking are you waiting for Christmas. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Final Words

We have the right to add more information to your writing if we think it’s important. But relax, we will never change what you mean behind your words. We hope to connect with you and give our readers high-quality information, easy-to-read and well-written content. Let’s create content that everyone loves and shares because sharing is caring 🙂.