Dubai Might Get Its First Luxury Moon-Shaped Resort

This week, a moon-shaped megaresort has been in the news because people think it will be built in Dubai.

The super-luxurious hotel, which will look like a copy of the moon, will be built in 48 months and will be 735 feet tall.

The architectural firm thinks that “Moon Dubai” will help the economy of the emirate in areas like tourism, entertainment, education, technology, the environment, and space travel.

Dubai is known for its luxury, and soon, a huge resort in the shape of a moon is set to open there. Arabian Business says that Moon World Resorts (MWR), a Canadian architecture firm, wants to build the resort so that it can offer cheap space tourism on the ground.

What You Need to Know About Moon World Resorts, Dubai’s Largest Tourism Project

Moon Dubai will be the MENA region’s biggest and most successful modern tourism project.

Dubai is planning to double the number of tourists who visit each year because of its global appeal, brand recognition, and unique multiple integrated offerings.

Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, who started Moon World Resorts, said, “It can easily fit 10 million visitors a year.

The luxurious resort had a spa and wellness area, a nightclub, an event centre, a global meeting place, a lounge, and something called a “moon shuttle.”

The outlet says that the Canadian architectural firm is also planning to add “Sky Villas,” which will be known as the private residence at moon.

As per The National report that building the Moon resort will cost a staggering $5 billion, and it is expected to bring in $1.8 billion each year.

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