6 Smallest City in The World By Area & Population

When we hear of a destination, we often ask which city it is located in. For us, there is nothing quite like a small town. We often overlook the smaller cities because we pay so much attention to big cities. Small City = Town to us. Let’s be honest, there are many small cities around the globe that deserve exposure. That’s why today we are going to talk about the 6 Smallest cities in The World By Area & Population.

One day we were discussing the tourism and travel industry, someone suddenly said that Croatia could be the smallest country in the world. It is certainly worth a visit. (No, we won’t reveal its name. One thing led to the next, and soon we were all involved in discussions about small cities across the globe.

So the blog idea was born from the group discussion. We found this information to be new and very beautiful, so we decided to share it with you. Here is the complete list of the world’s smallest cities, both in terms of area and population.

1. Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands – World’s Smallest City

Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands
Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands


Pitcairn Islands

Area: 4.6 sq. km

Population: 50 (2019 estimate).

Do not be shocked by the population living here. Yes! it is not the only smallest city in the world, there are more cities that have fewer than 50 inhabitants. Pitcairn Island’s capital is the only settlement. It also has tourist attractions such as the Pitcairn Island museum and bounty bay.

According to legend, 50 residents of the city are descendants of British crew members. In 1790, the crew of HMS Bounty arrived on the island. It is the only place in the world that has a general store. This is only available three days per week.

2. St. David, Wales

St. David, Wales
St. David, Wales

St. Davids

Wales is the country

Area: 46.4 sq. km

Population: 1,841 (as per 2011 census).

It is not only on this list but also ranks among the smallest cities in Britain. Yes! This is St. Davids, the smallest city of the country. This city was established in the 500s. This is the area around St. David’s monastery and cathedral.

You are correct, it is because of this reason that the city is called St. Davids. With around 1800 residents, the city lives peacefully with its many restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.

3. Vatican City, Italy | Smallest City in the World By Area

Vatican City, Italy
Vatican City, Italy

Vatican City

Italy Country

Area: 0.44 square. km

Population: 1000 (2017 estimate).

It is a sovereign city-state and has a small area. Yes! It is the smallest country on the planet. It is exactly! Country. The area is around 0.44 Square. km. you won’t believe but 1000 people live within this range. It entertains many tourists.

It is home to world-famous artists. The city also has a large number of priests, nuns, cardinals, religious figures, and others, as it is home to the Vatican and Catholic churches. There are beautiful gardens nearby.

4. Hum, Croatia – Smallest City By Population

Hum, Croatia
Hum, Croatia

Hum, City

Croatian Country

Not defined area

Population: 30 (as of 2011 census).

Hum, Croatia is the first. It was obvious that the city of only 30 people is amazingly unbelievable but yes this city is the smallest city in the world by population. Hum people have plenty of it! It’s also listed in the Guinness World Record Book, as the smallest urban area in terms of population.

This is a city with amazing sights. You will feel like you can stay forever after just a quick glance and a glass of Biska spiced brandy. The city has a historic church and Kotli village, which is known for its waterfalls and watermills.

5. Opatowiec in Poland

Opatowiec in Poland

Gmina Opatowiec, City


Area: 68.41 square meters Km.

Population: 3,298 (2018 estimate).

Opatowiec, Poland, is not only one of the smallest towns on this list. It also has a long, similar history to Poland. The population was only 338 in 2006. The population has grown over time, to now number around three thousand.

If you’re interested in learning more about historical events, the city also has the Jozef Klemens Pisudski church and the church of the 15th century. It was completely destroyed in World War I and II. people living here rebuilt this city much time after destructions. It is a small city, but it’s still a very important one because it has a great history.

6. Ngerulmud, Palau

Ngerulmud, Palau, One of Smallest Cities in the World
Source: Pinterest.com

Palau’s capital is home to only 400 people. It is also one of the most sparsely populated capitals of the world. It was only recently made the capital in 2006.

Palau, a country made up of 346 islands, is something that many people don’t know. Ngerulmud is the largest island here. However, it feels quite isolated and there are not many tourist activities unless you wish to visit government buildings.

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