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7 Best Aesthetic Preppy Outfits Ideas to Step in 2024 with Style

When we hear the phrase “Aesthetic preppy outfits” we think of blazers, loafers, and polos, which are typical Ivy League fashion. The best show that uses this style is the Gossip Girl series. But conservative style isn’t just private school clothes. These days, traditional dress has changed by adding more modern touches and trendy styles. 

It’s more about how getting aesthetic and attractive style. A lot of people watch high school shows like Wednesday and Elite, which has brought back the preppy style with a new twist. This piece will talk about the best preppy outfits that will help you get that stylish aesthetic look you want.

1. Polo crop tops and loose A-line trousers

Polo crop tops and loose A-line trousers

Loose A-line trousers are another great way to dress like a preppy girl. You can pick any colour between dark, black, tan, and white. Put on a button crop top with it. This will give you a stylish and nice-looking look that you can wear to school, college, or even just for fun.

To make it look more relaxed, don’t button up the top. Instead, leave the top two buttons open. You can even wear a belt of a different colour if you want to. Like, you can wear a dark or beige belt with white trousers. Now, put a sweatshirt over your shoulder to finish off the look. Wrap both sleeves around your arm and hang the top down like a cardigan.

2. Shirt with vests

Shirt with vests

Your closet needs to have sweater vests if you want to wear preppy clothes. For a classic look, knit jackets are a good choice. You don’t have to wear a vest. You can wear a loose shirt with open arms instead. 

It looks great with loose-fitting pants with wide legs and loafers to finish off the look. This outfit idea is great for going to college or just getting coffee. It will make you look both classy and relaxed. You can wear your hair down, in a messy bun, or leave it open. This outfit looks best with tan pants, a white shirt, and a black vest.

3. Pleated Mini Skirt with Graphic White Tee

Pleated Mini Skirt with Graphic White Tee

This outfit is one of the best classic ones for you if you love Rachel McAdams’s from the movie Mean Girls. There is a classic way to dress that includes a cute graphic t-shirt with a saying on it. Little pink or white are the best colours to pick from.

Now you need to wear it with a pleated dress to finish off the look. You can wear a baby blue or pink skirt with a velvet jacket on top of it. This will make you look a little fancier. The best shoes to wear with this outfit are ones with high heels.

4. A jumper made of cable knit and a blouse that buttons down

A jumper made of cable knit and a blouse that buttons down

The above outfit is one of the best classic ones for women who like to dress up with a Southern feel. To get this look, you can pair a cable knit jumper with a long-sleeved shirt that buttons down the front. Make sure that the jumper with long sleeves fits you perfectly. For a more laid-back look, you could roll up the sleeves of your shirt.

You can wear Bermuda shorts that are loose and hit just above the knee instead of jeans or pants. This preppy outfit for women is one of the most comfy ones. You can add more style to this look with round sunglasses and ballet flats. 

5. Collar Button-Up Blouse: Aesthetic Preppy Outfit

Collar Button-Up Blouse

A button-up buttoned shirt is a simple piece that goes well with preppy clothes. A lot of famous people wore this style more often in the 1980s, and you can still see them today. You might want to wear a silk shirt to make yourself look a little better.

You can make this outfit your own by adding a jumper. This will add a bit of British style to your look. With knee-high boots and an A-shaped skirt, the shirt looks great. What you’re wearing is great for both going to work and going to an event.

6. Cocoon Coat with Beret Cap Aesthetic Preppy Outfit

Cocoon Coat with Beret Cap Aesthetic Preppy Outfit

For a preppy look, you can also wear pants and a simple t-shirt with a cocoon coat. People are wearing these coats a lot, especially in the autumn and winter. You don’t have to get a black coat; you can choose a tan or brown one instead.

It looks great with black tight jeans or leggings and a simple top. Put on a beanie hat on top to make the outfit stand out. To finish off the look, leave your hair open and falling to one side. Don’t forget to wear a cap to add colour to your outfit and make it stand out. You can pick any colour between dark blue, bright red, and light yellow.

7. Plaid Mini Skirt with Matching Blazer

Plaid Mini Skirt with Matching Blazer

Cher from the movie Clueless is the best person to look up to when it comes to preppy clothes. If you wear a matched plaid skirt with a blazer, you can get the famous look from the movie. You don’t have to pick yellow; you can try out a lot of different shades.

If you want to make your own look, try warm pink, powder blue, mint green, or other soft colours. For a stylish look, wear a black or white crop top under the jacket. You can accessorise your look with black loafers and long white socks. This outfit can be worn to both college events and holiday parties.

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What does a preppy outfit look like?

Pleated skirts, chinos, derby shoes, polos, blazers, and polos are the few pieces of clothing that describe a preppy look. 

What kind of style is preppy?

A few of the looks that define preppy clothes are classic, clean-cut, and polished. 

What colour scheme is preppy?

The colours emerald green, burgundy, coral, yellow, pink, and blue are all preppy. 

In conclusion

We’ve finished making our list of the best preppy clothes. Make you look more stylish and help you stand out from the crowd with all of these looks. You can wear dressy clothes like skirts, coats and vests with other things in your closet. We hope that the clothes we suggest look good on you and that you will wear them in different events. 

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