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Genius Ways To Style Curtain Bangs For Long Period

Getting bangs is a big choice, and clients who bring pictures of bangs that they like often ask experts a lot of questions about them. The style can change the way you look right away. Bangs also take about a year to fully grow out, so it’s a big investment. So you got curtain bangs, and they look so cute! But how do you make that signature swoop? It might look hard on how to style curtain bangs, but it’s actually not as hard as you think.

This style is easier for most people to pull off than micro-fringes or super-heavy fringe. It’s also a quick way to change your look without cutting off all your length. 

You will look great with curtain fringe if you take the time to learn how to set your bangs.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs add a soft touch to your face and frame windows the same way. This type of bangs, also called fringe, starts up high in the middle and gently sweeps to the sides. If you part your hair in the middle, thick curtain fringe give you a lot of styling options. They are easy to take care of, and the long, fluffy layers make them simple to spread out.

In an upside-down “V” shape, they frame the face on both sides, like a screen around a window. To make a curtain bang, a hairstylist cuts the hair slowly and at an angle, leaving the hair longer near the cheekbone.

Who Should Get Curtain Bangs?

Bangs get a bad name in general. Some people say they’re hard to pull off and even harder to keep up. But our experts don’t agree. They say that setting your bangs, especially curtain fringe, looks good on most people.

How to Style Classic Curtain Bangs?

Everson says that a medium-barrel round brush and a blow dryer are the best tools for styling curtain bangs. The bangs should be dried away from the face and backwards.

Tools you need for classic curtain bangs style.

  • Round Brush
  • Flat Iron
  • Curling Iron
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Roller

1. How to Style With Round Brush

how to style curtain bangs

A hair dryer with a tip and a round brush are all you need for this method. The bigger the brush, the longer your bangs should be. Start with a medium-sized brush if you’re not sure what size to use. You can then move up or down in size as required.

2. How to Style Curtain Bangs With a Curling Iron

how to style curtain bangs

You can get the same look with this hot tool if you know how to use a curling iron better. To bend each side, just lightly clamp the hair inside the curling iron and twist it toward your face. Hold for a moment and then let go.

3. How to Style Curtain Bangs With Flat Iron

how to style curtain bangs

You can use the flat iron to style curtain fringe in a number of different ways, based on the look you want to achieve. Play around with how you use your straightener, just like you did with the round brush. Before you use a flat iron, make sure your hair is dry and that you protect it from heat.

4. How to Set Curtain Bangs Without Heat

how to style curtain bangs

Some people wonder if they can style curtain bangs without using any hot tools, like a blowdryer, if they have dyed their hair or have split ends a lot. Lucky for you, experts say it’s possible. All you need are rollers and some time to let your hair dry naturally (overnight is best!). To curl your hair, just wrap it around a roller and face it. The size of the roller you use will depend on your hair type, length, and how bouncy you want the curl to be.

Below are some famous actresses with curtain bangs like Margot Robbie, Sydney Sweeney and others.

Do I Have To Redo Curls Everyday

Curtain bangs don’t need much care every day. If they get dirty, blow dry them or use dry shampoo.

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