Why Booking an Alto Taxi is the Smart Choice for Your Abu Road to Mount Abu Trip? 

The distance from Abu Road to Mount Abu is about 30 kilometres, and now that you have planned to travel from Abu Road to Mount Abu, you can expect to reach your destination in an hour. 

Considering your family size is small, booking an Alto Cab is ideal for 3-4 passengers.  This compact car offers a unique blend of comfort, affordability, and convenience, making it an ideal choice for the winding and scenic journey to Rajasthan’s only hill station. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple, or a small group, the Alto is perfectly suited for the diverse terrains you’ll encounter. Book an Alto taxi for Abu Road to Mount Abu from a reputed service provider now to experience the best road trip. 

And for those confused about whether or not Alto is the right fit for your road trip, sections in this blog below have complete details for clarity. Scroll down to know more! 

Why Book an Alto for Your Abu Road to Mount Abu Trip? 

Fuel Efficiency

 The Alto is one of the most fuel-efficient Maruti Suzuki cars. It has different variants based on the type of fuel it uses. The average expected mileage  for different variants are 

  • Manual Petrol Variant – 22.05 kmpl
  • Manual Diesel Variant –  26 – 30 kmpl
  • Manual CNG Variant – 31.59Kmpl

Affordable Price

Aburaj Taxi Service offers you an Alto taxi from Abu Road to Mount Abu at a very reasonable price compared to other nearby taxi providers, ensuring you get the best deal within your budget. It costs around  INR 1300 for a one-way trip from Abu Road to Mount Abu and INR 3000 for a full-day taxi trip, which includes pick up from Abu Road, Mount Abu tour and return to Abu Road.

Easy to Drive  

Being a small car, the Alto is easy to navigate and manoeuvre even in cramped spaces or lanes. The manual feature helps drive quickly on the hilly terrain and balance the vehicle well. The car is also comparatively easy to drive on tight corners and hairpin turns, making it safer and more stable.

Easy to Park

The virtue of its compact size comes in very handy while parking an Alto. It saves the hassle of moving back and forth to squeeze your car when the parking space is tight as it just glides through.

Pollution Control

CNG helps reduce air pollution, so hiring an Alto that runs on CNG can help you save on emissions and get more mileage at the same time. It helps reduce your carbon footprint and helps conserve resources.

Reliable Performance

Being a Suzuki car, we can vouch for the Alto’s performance, and there is a bleak chance of it failing you when on a road trip. It is also a low-maintenance car, so its chances of breaking down are pretty low. And since the parts for Alto are easily available with every service vendor, repairing during the trip is also hassle-free and involves the least time. 

Factors to Consider Before Booking an Alto 

Travelling by road should always be safe and comfortable. When embarking on a road trip from Abu Road to Mount Abu, some of the critical factors to consider before booking an Alto are –

Number Of Passengers

 Alto is the best-fit car for a small group with two adults, one kid, or three adults. But one has to remember that being compact, there may not be enough space. If they try to accommodate more people in the car.

Boot/Luggage Space

An Alto has smaller boot space, allowing people to travel with smaller bags or minimal baggage. 

There have been instances that an Alto that runs on CNG may not even have that much space. Because of the cylinder fixed in the car’s boot. Keeping the excess luggage in your leg area can make your journey more tiring and space claustrophobic.


A short ride from Abu Road to Mount Abu for a smaller group is best done in Alto. Hiring an Alto solves your purpose of a budget-friendly compact, easy to drive, and at the same to park. But one has to be aware of the luggage they intend to carry before booking an alto, as it can turn out to be an uncomfortable drive if there isn’t enough space in the boot in case of a CNG cylinder or more significant pieces of luggage. 

Aburaj Taxi Service has been providing taxi services for a decade, and Alto is one of the most booked cars by smaller travelling groups. Call now and book your Alto to experience the best and safest road trip from Abu Road to Mount Abu.

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