12 Popular Make up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Do you love beauty as much as most people do in our world? Do you want to be a well-known makeup artist and need some ideas? Check out some best make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai.

How Should You Choose a Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger in Dubai?

Here are some things to think about if you want to find the best makeup artist in Dubai.

The makeup artist’s knowledge is the first thing you need to think about. If you choose a new beauty artist, nothing will help you become a victim. The skilled artist will make sure you have the right look for both relaxed and formal occasions.

Top 12 Best Make up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

If you want to know about the latest makeup techniques and trends, you can look at the list of makeup professionals. These people are important in the beauty business because they help their clients bring out their beauty. 

We’re going to tell you about only the best makeup artists and beauty travel bloggers in Dubai. Their striking looks, skill, and years of experience will inspire you. Let’s get going. 

1. Aliya Fatima

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Aliya Fatima does makeup and writes a blog about beauty and travel. She is known for her YouTube videos, which have made her the most famous YouTuber. You can watch those movies as she changes the way her clients look. The fact that she has more than two million subscribers and one million friends on Instagram shows how talented she is and how much people like her work.

Aliya also does favourites and reviews every month. The Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer and the Nyx Cosmetics Shade + Light Contour Palette are two of her favourite items.

2. Najla Gun

Curious about makeup expert and travel writer Dubai, who gives her clients looks that can’t be found anywhere else? Well! It’s Najla Gun, a well-groomed woman whose looks are both simple and appealing.

3. Sondos Alqattan

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Sondos Alqattan is a skilled makeup artist, beauty travel blogger, and vlogger who lives in Dubai. She has worked in the field for more than 15 years and has done work for some of the biggest names in the field. The work of Sondos Alqattan has been published in magazines and online, and she loves to teach others what she knows. In 2016, she started the YouTube channel Beauty by Sondos Alqattan, where she shows people how to do their makeup or who just like to watch them.

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4. Befrenshee

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Befrenshee is a well-known French makeup artist who lives in Dubai at the moment. She has a lot of fans on social media because she makes up glamorous looks and posts great makeup tips on her page. Her love of beauty and glitz and her ability to make anyone feel beautiful and wanted go hand in hand. 

5. Caren William

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Caren William is a well-known makeup artist who has worked with Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande, among others. Her make-up style is always different from what other people do because she is always learning and trying new things. She has more than 2 million people who follow her on YouTube and always wait for her new beauty tips and trends.

6. Huda Kattan

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Huda Kattan lives in Dubai. She is known as one of the best makeup artists in Dubai and is a beauty icon all over the world. People know her better than Huda Beauty, the name of her beauty brand.

She has 43 million friends and people who follow her on Instagram (Huda). The people who use social media are crazy about her and her talent.

7. Estee Stanley

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Estee Stanley is a writer who lives in Dubai and writes about travel and beauty. She has been in the business for more than 10 years, and magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Marie Claire Arabia have used her work. Her blog has information about everything from how to put on makeup to where to get the best spa services in Dubai. Estee also writes often for the website of Vogue Arabia. You can find her on Instagram as @esteeee_stanley and on Snapchat as esteen_stanley.

8. Miss Mulberry

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Heard about the well-known Miss Mulberry? She’s worth a try. So, the well-known travel and beauty writer runs a website with great fashion and lifestyle blogs for you all to check out. She loves the art of beauty and makeup, and she also makes her own clothes. Miss Mulberry has everything. 

She has worked in the beauty business for more than ten years and has been in many online publications and magazines. She is your go-to person for meeting the best makeup artist, trip blogger, and fashion blogger of all time. Visit her page to read about her daily life and have some fun.

9. Joelle Mardinian 

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

In the Middle East, Joelle Mardinian is known as a great make-up artist who works in Dubai. She started Joelle Group, which is now a huge beauty company. She is an example for young people who blog about travelling in the Arab world. Her famous Instagram account, which just passed 20 million users, is how she stays in touch with women.

10. Judy Poulos

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Even though she was born in Syria, this make-up artist and trip blogger lives in Abu Dhabi. Her beauty looks are unique because they show off the culture and history of her home country.

Her interest in art helped her in her journey with makeup, and she started sharing videos of her work with her friends and followers on Instagram.

11. Diana Chipar

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Diana lives in Dubai and works as a makeup artist, writes a blog about beauty, and loves to travel. She has been in the business for more than 10 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

Diana’s blog is a great place to find beauty tips, travel tips, and reviews of products. Her most recent posts are called “5 Celebrities With Beautiful, Glowy Skin” and “5 Types of Body Butters.”

She also has her own YouTube account where she shows how to do things like contouring and braiding hair.

Diana goes on a lot of trips around the world to see new places and try the local food. A few days ago, she wrote on Facebook that she was going on safari in Tanzania, which sounds like a really cool thing to do.

12. Nina Ubhi

make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

Nina Ubhi is a well-known beauty travel writer and makeup artist in Dubai. She is an expert in beauty and does makeup for red-carpet events and weddings in Dubai. Nina did not get to this level of success in the beauty business overnight. But she used to be a part of some of Dubai’s biggest beauty brands, like Estee Lauder, Kanebo, and Elizabeth Arden.

Wrapping Up:

So, which of these beauty blogger/makeup artists has made you feel like you’re in love? Whose creative makeup looks do you like the most? Let us know and visit Travel World Fashion again.

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