14 Popular Russian Fashion Bloggers In New York Came Into Spotlight

When it comes to fashion, every country has its own ideas about how people should dress. Russian women, in particular, have a reputation for being fashion-conscious and well-dressed. This idea didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, either. In this article, I will take you through the 14 most famous Russian fashion blogger in New York.

Russian women who love fashion and writing about it have never stuck to their own country. Instead, they moved to New York, a wealthy state in the United States, to try their luck there.

Stylish Russian Fashion Bloggers In New York

Here are some of the stylish Russian Fashion blogger In New York city, we saw at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

1. Nastasya Samburskaya

11.8 million people follow her on social media

Instagram ID: @samburskaya

Natasya Samburskaya, a Russian actor and TV host who is 36 years old, is at the top of the list. Samburskaya known as the best Russian fashion blogger In New York. She is known for her role in the comedy series Univer.

2. Karina Nigay 

Social media followers: 3 million people

Instagram ID: @karina_nigay

Karina is now one of the most well-known Russian fashion bloggers in New York. This skilled influencer is from Moscow and has been making big waves for a while. Karina makes movies for YouTube and also posts about the best parts of her life on Instagram. Karina also works with the magazine Vogue Russia. She’s even been to some of the best fashion shows, like the ones in Paris and Milan. 

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3. Anastasia Reshetova

Social media followers: 4.1 Instagram follower

Instagram ID:@volkonskaya.reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova came in second place for Miss Russia in 2014. During the last season of MBFW Russia, she walked for Bella Potemkina and Yasya Minochkina and went to the Firdaws show at the Petroff Palace. The 21-year-old also runs a beauty center in Moscow called Anatomia and a custom vintage clothing line called InHype.

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4. Masha Minogarova

Instagram followers: 1.1 million

Instagram ID:@minogarova

Are you obsessed with Russian women? Masha Minogarova is a Russian fashion writer who lives in New York. Once you see her picture and hear about what she has done in the fashion world, you will become a fan of her right away.

She was on the first season of Russia’s “Top Model” and made it all the way to the final.

5. Maria Sharapova

5 million people follow you on social media.

Instagram ID: @mariasharapova

The next one on the list is Sharapova, who used to be the best tennis player in the world.  Yes, people who like fashion and look good don’t have to be models or actresses. Also, it can help people do well. 

Maria Sharapova, who was born in Russia and is a tennis player, has shown us that it is true. This Russian beauty blogger in New York has more than 4 million Instagram followers.

6. Yana Fisti 

On Instagram: 487K followers

Instagram ID: @yanafisti

Yana is another well-known Russian fashion star who has almost 600,000 Instagram fans. She blogs, but she is also a real-life fashion planner. Yana is a big fan of fashion. She keeps up with all the new trends and always knows what’s going on in the business. 

If you want to see how a big Russian fashion celebrity talks about the latest news and trends, you should definitely consider following Yana.

7. Maryana RO

Social media followers: 8 million people

Instagram ID:@maryanaro

Maryana Ro, the best Russian fashion blogger in New York is another well-known figure. She is an extrovert, a model, and has a lot of impact.

Maryana has 7.7 million fans because of the jokes she plays on her personal Instagram account.

Because of the videos she posted to Instagram, she became well-known. Now, in addition to blogging, she is promoting her business by working with big, well-known companies like Nike, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

8. Yana Rudkovskaya

Social media followers: 6 million people

Instagram ID:@rudkovskayaofficial

Yana Rudkovskaya is also a well-known Russian celebrity in the fashion world. She is a businesswoman, a blogger, a TV director, and a fashion influencer all at the same time. Rudkovskaya, who has 2 million people following her on Instagram, can pull off any look.

9. Liza Gysévskaya 

Instagram followers: 205K followers

Instagram ID:@lizagysevskaya

Liza Gysévskaya, a writer from St. Petersburg who is 19 years old, wore cool, sought-after clothes every day at MBFW Russia. (It’s not surprising that she owns her own antique store called Comme une Fille.) Also, she didn’t stop moving at the Saint-Tokyo after-party.

10. Ekaterina Klimova

Instagram followers: 1.3M followers

Instagram ID:@klimova___ekaterina

Want to hear about another Russian fashion icon who is well-known on TV and has made a name for herself in the world of beauty and glamour?

Well! It’s none other than Ekaterina Klimova, one of the most beautiful and successful models in the world. Trust us! More than 1.5 million friends and people who support her are following her on Instagram right now.

11. Olga Buzova

23.3 million people follow her on social media

Instagram ID: @buzova86

A Russian beauty blogger named Olga Buzova lives in New York as well. Olga Buzova quickly became one of the most popular Russian fashion blogs in New York City. She remains popular because she has a great sense of style and knows how to mix high fashion and streetwear.

12. Dasha Derevyankina 

Followers on social media: 557K

Instagram: @dasha.kina

Dasha Dereviankina is also a well-known TV figure, like Ekaterina Klimova. She is a well-known Russian fashion blogger In New York. She got Instagram for the first time in December 2012, and she started putting pictures on it right away. Since then, her fame has only grown.

13. Natalia Vodianova

Instagram followers: 4M followers

Instagram ID: @natasupernova

Want to follow a person whose style is perfect and gives her fans and followers endless ideas? Then add Natalia Vodianova to the list.

This model, business owner, and philanthropist is a well-known Russian fashion blogger in New York. Her fashion advice will take your clothes to a whole new level. Because of how original and creative she is and how well she knows how to dress.

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