25th Island of Greece: A Detailed Tour Guide for 2023

The 25th island of Greece, a hidden gem of the Cyclades islands. The magnificent 25th Greek island of Amorgos has recently gained popularity on the internet, but not because of its rugged natural beauty and hidden beaches. The internet refers to it as “The twenty-fifth island of Greece”.

Chora of Amorgos in the island’s centre La hora d’Amorgos is one of the most attractive and beautiful settlements in the Cyclades. A postcard village with tiny winding lanes lined with whitewashed houses. Blue-painted doors and shutters, arcades and short stairs lead to small bars called kafenions where one can daydream over a cold beer or iced coffee [360° view].

A village that is progressively experiencing the expansion of tourism and its businesses, but which has kept (more than the very beautiful Chora de Ios) its authenticity and in which we enjoy getting lost every year (this is where we settle).

What is the 25th island of Greece? Why is it so humorous?

25th island of greece


Twitter filled with the 25th island of Greece memes. You may have seen numerous tweets and Instagram posts regarding the “25th island of Greece.” There are 6,000 islands in Greece, but only 227 are inhabited, so why is the twenty-fifth one receiving so much attention?

You’re somewhere with the intention of using the Internet to determine the location of Greece’s 25th island, as part of a viral meme. When you type “25th island of Greece” into Google, you will receive the name of an island that social media users find amusing: Amorgos.

The 25th island of Greece cliché is explained, as is the origin of “Amorgos.” Considering its size, Amorgos is the 25th most populous island in Greece. The popular meme originated from the word “Amorgos.” American game development team Innersloth created the wildly popular massively multiplayer online game Among Us. Shortly, the ETIAS will be required to enter Greece.

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What is the name of Greece’s 25th island?

The words sound similar, yet they are not identical. Fans of the video game Among Us make light of the joke because of this. The meme encourages individuals to learn the name of Greece’s twenty-fifth island, “Amorgos.” Always trending on social media is the latest Google-related meme. Many Twitter users have promoted a new meme that asks others to identify the “25th island of Greece.”

The 25th Island of Greece

25th island of greece


Amorgos became a popular tourist destination in the late 1980s, when “The Big Blue” filmed there.

The film, which became one of France’s most commercially successful releases in 1988, a strongly exaggerated and dramatized account of the friendship and sporting competition between two of the 20th century’s most prominent champion free divers.

In 2020, more than three decades after “The Great Blue,” Amorgos will serve as the alluring setting for a new international co-production. This video inspired by the German director and screenwriter Nana Neull’s feature film “Tochter” (Girls), based on the best-selling novel by Lucy Frick. After the first lockout in Greece, this was one of the first international co-productions to resume production.

Amorgos is well-known for its magnificent Greek evenings, donkey rides, and small boat experiences. Bus tour of the island, scuba diving, hiking, and gourmet cuisine.

Why is Amorgos so Popular?

Amorgos is popular because it resembles “Among Us”

Although it was released in 2018, “Among Us” caught the world by storm last spring, when individuals in quarantine and lockdown. Searching for new games and activities to relieve their boredom, and it continues to enjoy a great deal of popularity.

The game involves a bunch of spacemen performing monotonous duties while navigating about a rocket ship. There is, however, a saboteur within the crew who intends to damage the ship’s safety and murder the crew.

Each time a player dies, the entire group, comprised of strangers from all over the world. Gathers to discuss who they think the imposter is, and then votes them out of the game.

The imposter must attempt to deceive the rest of the group by avoiding detection or assigning blame to another participant.

This continues until the imposter murders the entire crew or discovered and voted off the ship.

The great popularity of the game has resulted in social media users encountering references to it in their daily lives, such as terms that recall its name or forms that recall the iconic figures of the crew members.

Geographical Location

25th island of greece


Amorgos, discovered in the Aegean Sea, is one of the Greek islands comprising the Cyclades archipelago. It dates back to antiquity and has been a part of numerous civilizations throughout history. The earliest settlers were the Naxians, who evolved into the Doris. In addition to numerous shipwrecks dating back to the eighth century B.C., it is a famous tourist diving destination.

A 2.5-kilometre-wide river separates the small Greek island of Amorgos from Naxos, located east of the Cyclades. With a total surface area of 127 square kilometres, it is the fourth largest island in the Cyclades, slightly smaller than Zakynthos.

According to legend, the Cyclops constructed the 25th island of Greece. As represented in numerous accounts, the Cyclops were horse-like monsters with a single eye on their forehead in Greek mythology. Metalworkers, carpenters, and stonecutters were among the diverse trades they performed in order to develop prosperous enterprises.

How to Reach

There is regular service between the port of Piraeus and the island of Amorgos. The ships arrive at Katapola and Aegiali, the two ports of Amorgos. Katapola located near Aegiali’s port. During the summer season, high-speed boats such as ski jet and superset leaving from Piraeus and Rafina serve routes to and from the ports of Amorgos.

Why so Popular Greece’s 25th island on Social Media

25th island of greece


The 25th Island Of Greece is the most recent meme to go viral across multiple social media platforms. Requests that users locate the name of this island using the Internet. There are 6,000 islands in Greece, but only 227 are inhabited. Why do individuals only discuss the 25th Island out of 6000 islands?

Now, Buzzfeed provides a list of the 25 Greek islands that everyone should visit at some time in their lives.

Buzzfeed presents a truly unique picture of the Greek islands by writing a few lines and primarily quoting images shot by Instagram users rather of the conventional, “worn” photographs.

Fascinating Facts About Greece’s 25th Island

Much of this centred on “Amorgos,” a popular meme related with the popular computer game Among Us. You may now explore the natural beauty and isolated beaches of “Amorgos” without fear of your buddies baking you.

Several intriguing facts:

  • On this island, only white-painted homes found.
  • Located in Katapola, disorganised, and remote.
  • Wonderful, sandy, family-friendly, and organised beach.
  • Agia Anna: 20 kilometres from Aegiali, beneath the crown treasure of Amorgos, the Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery.

Wrapping Up

The island is an active volcano and the site of numerous historical ruins, including a temple and the earliest ruins. The location is presently occupied by a monastery settlement. Due to the island’s tranquillity, it is frequently the destination of choice for romantic getaways. If you have difficulty travelling alone, escorted tours of Greece are also a great option.

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