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15 Gorgeous Actresses With Big Noses

The Big nose no longer always looks good as a replacement. It gives a face a slightly strange appearance. Hollywood does, however, have a few beautiful people with big noses. Since it has long been believed that no woman can possibly have a large nose, it is quite amazing to see that there are actresses with big noses.

They are no longer bothered by their truly magnificent and substantial appearance.

Numerous Hollywood celebrities have big noses, and they may not find this unsettling. Celebrities are increasingly opting for plastic surgery, and most of them are doing so to reduce their large noses. We’ll discuss actresses with big noses in this blog.

11 Female Model with Big Noses

1. Uma Thurman

actresses with big noses

Source: cdnph.upi.com

She is an excellent example because she has shown that having a huge nose won’t make you feel strange or uncomfortable. Her wide eyes and big nose complement each other well. 

Her best features are a thick brow and a warm smile, which gives her appearance a mysterious air. She is free to display her attractiveness to the fullest. 

She is one of the well-known big-nosed models who has appeared in a variety of movies, including romantic comedies and science fiction dramas. 

She was born on April 29, 1970. She won the Golden Globe Award for best miniseries hysterical blindness. 

Her huge nose was making her look dated, but she didn’t take a backward step and became well-known among her followers because talent is more important than appearance.

2. Jennifer Aniston

actresses with big noses

Source: nbcnews.com

On the list of the cutest celebrities with big noses is Jennifer Aniston. Hollywood norms would say that Aniston has a rather prominent nose. 

She apparently had a nose job, but she chose a little modification that wouldn’t alter her well-known facial characteristics. 

And let’s face it, she’s still one of the most popular and attractive celebs around, large nose and all.

3. Lea Michele: Actresses With Big Noses

actresses with big noses

Source: cnn.com

Additionally, this woman has a really large nostril, which she hides from even her friends. In high school, who else was there with her and had a big nose? They all had nose surgeries, and he or she must also have a nose procedure.

And to thin a section of her nose and give it the greatest appearance possible. But she abandoned the person who in no way continued the nostril procedure.

It’s not because her mother told her not to get one right away, and even then, she failed every nostril task. She seemed to be rocking the manner.

4. Beautiful Woman with a Big Nose: Penelope Cruz

actresses with big noses

Source: instyle.com

Here’s to another gorgeous lady with a large nose! This particularity can easily be overlooked because this Spanish actress is so stunning. 

In addition, Penelope Cruz’s talent and sense of style have emerged as two crucial factors elevating her to the A-list of Hollywood celebrities. 

For a European actress, this is quite a feat!

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5. Actresses with Big Noses: Lizzy Caplan

actresses with big noses

Source: twimg.com

This stunning woman is proof that having a big nose does not have to make you feel or appear odd. Occasionally, the interaction of a large nostril with other facial features might result in an attractive appearance.

She has enormous eggplant-shaped nostrils, which look attractive when paired with her big eyes. Her warm and inviting mouth adds magic to her looks, as does her dense eyebrow. She exudes beauty overall.

6. Nia Vardalos: Actors with Big Noses

actresses with big noses

Source: cheatsheet.com

She is a well-known Greek Canadian actress, screenwriter, director, and producer. 

She has received multiple nominations for the Academy Award for best original screenplay and the Golden Globe for best actress for her roles in numerous romantic comedies. 

People still find her beautiful despite having a large nose. Nia Vardalos rejects the idea that having cosmetic surgery would make her more beautiful. 

There is no need to surgically alter and modify the original skin.

7. Sofia Coppola

actresses with big noses

Source: economist.com

This female is one of the good-looking people with huge noses, which is appropriate. Even after that, she never glanced at her lower back or gave a nasal procedure a second thought. Either avoided plastic surgery completely or both.

She felt that these abilities came from God and that she was lovely. We both have the same level of confidence, and we like the way she always inserts a fashionable element.

8. Stunning Celebrities with Big Noses: Rachel Weisz

actresses with big noses

Source: vanityfair.com

One of the most attractive celebrities with big noses is certainly Rachel Weisz. 

In 1999, the British actress made a name for herself as the lead in the hit film series “The Mummy.” 

You may have seen her this year with James Franco, Michelle Williams, and Mila Kunis in the fantasy film “Oz the Great and Powerful.”

9. Meryl Streep

actresses with big noses

Source: allure.com 

Three Academy Awards went to Meryl Streep. She is regarded as one of the best actors and is well-known for her versatility. 

She also has a large nose, but she hasn’t been ashamed of it because she worked hard to be where she is now, and her followers adore her for this reason. 

Meryl is regarded as a leading Hollywood actress and one of those who constantly reinvents herself. She has demonstrated her abilities in addition to her experience. 

She once admitted in an interview that she had a wide mouth and a long nose as a child and was therefore ugly. 

She was able to grow intellectually and emotionally thanks to self-doubt. She was able to face her worries and discover the strongest version of herself through acting.

10. Gisele Bundchen

actresses with big noses

Source: magazine.co.uk

This female also has a huge nose, and you’d be surprised to learn that she is comfortable with it, and all of us should be proud of our abilities because they are God-given.

According to her, it is our imperfections that distinguish us from others, and it is also our flaws that allow us to shine brightly.

She also believes that there is no fun in being perfect as a substitute. It is appropriate to be specific with a flaw, and even if her wide nose is her problem, she carries it with pride.

11. Beautiful Actresses with Big Noses: Claire Danes

celebrities with big noses

Source: assets.com

The ‘Homeland’ actress is unquestionably one of the most accomplished celebs with large noses. 

You’ve certainly seen her in the classic films ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and ‘My So-Called Life,’ where she combined her distinctive talent with her natural beauty. And she continues to do so, demonstrating that you don’t have to have a little nose to be idolised.

12. Cate Blanchett

celebrities with big noses

Source: eonline.com

Cate is a well-known Australian celebrity with a large nose and blue eyes. 

Because of her large lips, one of her classmates labeled her unattractive and a frog. She used to think her large ears made her look unattractive.

Her eyes appeared to be narrow slits, and she had a long nose. Despite these characteristics, she appears attractive in magazine photographs. 

She is now in her 50s and is less worried about her beauty, and she has never bothered with all of these aspects of her appearance. 

She was so successful because of her talent that she is now fully avoiding these complexes.

13. Jemima Kirke

celebrities with big noses

Source: glamour.com

Jemima Kirke is also on the list of the top ten gorgeous women with huge noses. The ‘Girls’ star demonstrates that she isn’t hesitant to show off her long and lean nose both on and off camera, and you have to admit that she looks stunning and sophisticated.

14. Nicki Minaj

celebrities with big noses

Source: brightspotcdn.com

This rock star appears to be a brave girl who fears no humiliation, even if she has a large nose. Unlike any other celebrity, she never elected to get cosmetic surgery. 

She appeared in front of the camera without any nose contour, which discloses a large portion of her personality. 

This also shows that she prefers to be herself and does not want to hide behind a thick layer of cosmetics or adjustments, which her admirers adore.

15. Rosemarie Dewitt

celebrities with big noses

Source: wikimedia.org

She may blow all of our heads with her acceptable appearance, and certainly, she has been blessed with a gigantic nose; however, who cares about her beauty is beyond her massive nose, and alternatively.

Her large nose matches her other facial features, and she always manages to come up with no-fail results. She believes in true inner beauty, which is why she has never undergone any plastic surgery.

These are only a few of the top Actresses With Big Noses that you may look at, and you can get more information like this on Travel World Fashion.

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