11.29 Art Studio in Thailand Made From Bamboo Battens and Discarded Concrete Spacers

In making the Furnish Studio, 11.29 Studio puts sustainability and the use of local materials first, giving old concrete a second chance at life. The artist’s oil painting studio in Rayong, Thailand, is up off the ground and faces a large pond at the back. The area around the studio is quiet and peaceful. Rooted in its natural surroundings, the studio’s entrance wall is made up of a series of concrete spacers from the area that lead people inside gradually. Along the front of the building, groups of bamboo battens are used to make shutters that can be opened to let fresh air and views into the space.


11.29 Art Studio in Thailand
Source: Real Owner

The building is made so that artists who work with oil paint can have a quiet, creative place to work. Due to the constant evaporation of the medium by the oil pant, there needs to be enough air flow to protect the performers’ health. To solve this problem, the studio wrapped the facade in bamboo batten walls, which give the building a solid base and let in a lot of air.

Project info:

Name: Furnish Studio

ArchitectureFIRM  – 11.29

YEAR – 2023

SIZE – 1000 to 3000 sqft

Location: Rayong, Thailand

BUDGET – $1M – 5M

This studio is a part of its natural surroundings. The entry wall is made up of a series of concrete spacers that make a welcoming shape. Along the front of the house, bunches of bamboo slats make flexible shutters that let fresh air in.

Bamboo screens that can be bent let light and air into the art studio.


Bangkok-based 11.29 Studio gets its main idea for the project from where it will be built. Taking into account the natural environment and industrial status of the area, the design team uses local and environmentally friendly materials to reduce the amount of energy that goes into making transportation happen. Rayong is the province in Thailand with the highest Gross Provincial Product. It is surrounded by industrial estates with lots of construction and concrete waste.

11.29 Studio was inspired by the many discarded concrete spacers in the area. They wanted to make something useful out of things that couldn’t be used. They wanted it especially for the skin of the art studio. The spacers are used to make the entrance to the art studio. This is a sculpture that stands out from the bamboo facade.

inside of 11.29 Art Studio in Thailand
Source: Real Owner

The shape of the building is meant to hold a peaceful, creative space for artists who work with oil paint. The medium is always evaporating, it needs to be in a room with enough ventilation to protect the artists’ health. To solve this problem, 11.29 Studio wrapped the facade in bamboo batten walls as a creative design element. These elements ties the building to its surroundings and lets plenty of air flow through.


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