Billie Eilish Just Revealed Her Chest Tattoo For the First Time

What about Billie Eilish tattoos that she likes to hide from her fans? Did she feel bad about any of the tattoos she got? That’s why she’s not telling anyone about it. In 2023, how many tattoos does she have? Find out by reading on.

Billie Eilish hasn’t always talked about how many tattoos she has. She didn’t show off her tattoos for a long time. In fact, she said in an interview that fans would never see her first tattoo, which was a script design on her chest. All of that changed when she was on the cover of British Vogue in June 2021.

When the pictures for the upcoming print issue came out in May, fans got their first look at one of Billie Eilish’s tattoos for the first time: a dragon that snakes up her thigh.

Billie Eilish Tattoo Meaning

How many tattoos does Billie Eilish have? We all wonder.

Billie Eilish tattoos: a dragon on her leg, a fairy hand on her arm, and a word on her chest.

Billie Eilish has caused a few fashion controversies as she finds her own style outside of what experts tell her to wear. But getting tattoos is one thing in her life that she doesn’t let other people tell her what to do.

OH MY GOD! Billie Eilish Chest Tattoo

Billie Eilish chest Tattoo


Eilish told Rolling Stone that she got her first tattoo on January 27, 2020, the day after she won all of the Grammy Awards. She was 18 years old at the time. 

Billie Eilish shows off the tattoo middle of her chest, she once told Insider that fans “won’t ever see it.” But here is an image of her in a bikini where we can see her chest tattoo. It looks more like an under breast tattoo. The design is said to be in an all-black Gothic script style.

Billie eilish chest tattoo


In November 2020, Billie Eilish’s Dragon Leg Tattoo Meaning

Billie Eilish Tattoo


Eilish’s big leg tattoo was first seen on the cover of the June 2021 issue of British Vogue. Fans think the black-ink design looks like a dragon rising from the top of her thigh to her stomach, but it’s hard to tell for sure. No one knows who made the ink.

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Even though Eilish has never said what the tattoo means, dragons often stand for strength, power, and knowledge. In September 2021, Eilish wore a wine-colored Oscar de la Renta cape dress to an after-party for the Met Gala. This gave us a second look at the design.

Billie Eilish Hand Tattoo

Billie Eilish hand Tattoo


Fans noticed a new tattoo on Eilish’s hand at the world opening of “No Time to Die” on Sept. 28, 2021, in London. The movie’s theme song was performed and co-written by Eilish. She said that the closeness of the two fairies in the design had a very important message for her.

Fans noticed right away that the singer’s left hand, which was hidden by her dress, had a new tattoo. It looked like a fairy wing tattoo. 

About a month later, she shared a close-up photo of her hand and wrist on her Instagram story. It showed three different fairies.

In September 2023 She Revealed her Back Tattoo

billie eilish back tattoo

Billie Eilish posted her back tattoo on 18th of October, 2023. This tattoo looks big than her previous tattoos.


How Many Tattoos Does Billie Eilish Have?

Billie Eilish has three tattoos that are known to the public: a dragon leg tattoo, a fairy hand tattoo, and a script chest tattoo.

Does Billie Eilish Regret Any Of Her Tattoos?

Even though a lot of Billie’s fans have questioned where her tattoos are placed, especially “Big Boy,” her huge leg tattoo, the 22-year-old seems to still be in a tattoo haze, and it doesn’t look like she regrets any of them yet.

Did Billie Eilish Lied About Her Tattoos

Billie hasn’t said directly that she hid her tattoos for a while because she was afraid of what people would say about them, but fans think that it had a big effect on her decision.

What Does the Tattoo on Billie Eilish’s Body Mean?

Billie Eilish’s huge tattoo is a black dragon on her open leg that goes up to her hip. The 22-year-old hasn’t said what this tattoo means to her personally, but since the dragon means different things to different people, fans think it has something to do with strength and defense.

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