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Trending Cute Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

Want a style that stands out and has a lot of volume? Try the in-style butterfly haircut with bangs! Take a look at these 5 beautiful haircuts.

There’s no doubt about it: bangs are in right now. Since curtain bangs made a big comeback, there have been a lot of new fringe types. After the popular butterfly cut, “butterfly fringe” is the next big thing this year. You’ll see it on tons of people.

You’ll definitely see at least one take on the butterfly cut if you open TikTok and scroll through the videos. It’s not a surprise that a cut that pays tribute to the ’90s is popular. A lot of beauty trends are based on memories.

What Is the Butterfly Haircut With Bangs?

The butterfly cut is a stacked style with thin pieces that frame the face that look like butterfly wings.

The butterfly cut comes in a lot of different styles that look good on all hair types, lengths, textures, and face shapes.

It’s a heavily layered haircut that goes below the shoulders. The top layer can be easily pulled apart from the bottom layer and pinned under to make it look like a short haircut.

5 Beautiful Ways to Style Your Hair Like a Butterfly

At least one of these 5 styles will give you ideas for your butterfly haircut with bangs. These different styles show that the butterfly cut with bangs can look great on all hair types and face shapes.

1. Blonde Butterfly Haircut With Bangs

butterfly haircut with bangs

If you get golden blonde hair or blonde highlights, this trendy butterfly cut with curtain bangs looks beautiful and summery. Long layers and curled-out bangs give hair more volume, especially if it is thin.

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2. The OG cut

butterfly haircut with bangs

If you have straight hair, adding layers can give your hair more movement and thickness. 

3. Butterfly Haircut With Bangs Medium Length

butterfly haircut with bangs

When your hair is medium to long, butterfly bangs look great because they blend in well and give your hair more volume.

4. Long Butterfly Layers with Highlights

butterfly haircut with bangs

This beautiful butterfly cut with bangs is the best way to layer your long, thick hair. The layers make the most of the space without making anything heavy.

5. Butterfly Bangs

butterfly haircut with bangs

Want to try bangs but don’t want to make the commitment? Butterfly bangs look great and are easy to take care of. They’re also a great choice if you want to grow out your bangs. The feathered style and layers they have give them depth, movement, and most of all, interest.

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