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30+ Cool Curly Mullet Haircuts for Modern Men in 2024

If you haven’t already noticed, the trend of bringing back old hairstyles has put curly mullets at the top of the list. The mullet was a popular hairstyle for guys in the 1980s. This short in the front, long in the back haircut has been made fun of before, but now it’s coming back into style.

Still, if you can pull it off, it can look great.

Even though making a wavy mullet doesn’t take long and isn’t hard, you have to follow some very specific steps.

Men only wear mullets these days when they want to show off their bold and unique sense of style. If you want to grow out a mullet with curly hair, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a Curly Mullet Fade?

Basically, a curled mullet is a mullet with curls or waves. You don’t have to have naturally curly hair to do these styles. You can easily curl straight hair with a curling iron.

How to Style Curly Mullet Haircut

Men can style a wavy mullet in a lot less time than people might think. Here are a few easy steps that anyone can follow:

You can comb the top of your hair forwards or backwards, depending on how long your fringe is.

Use a pomade or wax on the sides of your head to keep your style in place.

Use hair gel on the rest of your hair as well as your curls to make them look better. Put the gel on your hand and run it through your hair with a comb.

Curly Mullet for Men

All of these haircuts are pleasing to the eye and meet all the requirements to be great fashion statements. Scroll through them and choose the one that most interests you.

1. Wet Look

Wet Curly Mullet Haircuts for Modern Men Look

The first haircut on my list brings together different ways of styling hair and makes them all into one. It plays with curls, smooths out the edges with fades, and adds a wet style to make it look sexy right away.

2. Curly Mullets

Curly Mullets

The mullet cut goes well with hair that is curly. This is because the natural bounce and volume of curls make the difference in length from front to back less noticeable. Keeping your hair long in the back lets you show off your curls without taking attention away from your face.

3. Curly and short

Curly and short

This is a popular look with a lot of different parts. If you have long hair, this style gives you room for curls and waves. Your hair will have a lot of thickness, and you’ll look good with a beard. Get a good beard balm and you’ll be good to go.

4. Very wavy mullet

Very wavy mullet

As a man with such ringlets in his hair, a mullet is the best way to show them off. Change up this hairdo by leaving the hair on your forehead and nape longer. You can do whatever you want with the ringlets. To get that beautiful shine and sheen, use a pomade. 

5. Mullet Haircut with a Soft Perm

Mullet Haircut with a Soft Perm

Perms, which add texture to any mid-length haircut, can take your mullet to the next level. This style works well for guys with dark brown or brunette hair, since darker colors tend to look better when permed.

6. Dense Back Afro

Dense Back Afro

To complete this look, low-fade the sides, line up the area around the face, and keep a thin, sharp bead. This style is global and can be worn anywhere, from the office to a downtown club.

7. Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet

Have you ever wished you could get more than one haircut at once? Thanks to the mohawk hairstyle, you can now. With this look, you can keep your hair at any length you want. But to make it look more like a real mullet, keep the top of your head a little shorter than the bottom. This will make it easier to style. 

8. Curly Mullet from Mexico

Curly Mullet from Mexico

These are trendy because they are round, and you can improve the look by adding glasses and a high-top shoe. 

9. Pony Curly

Pony Curly

Curly mullets look great both when they are left free and when they are put in a bun or ponytail on top of the head. Keep the ringlets on your forehead messy and show off those shaved laterals. Leave a few loose strands on the nape of the neck for the back. 

10. Long Hair with a Cut

Long Hair with a Cut

If you have long hair, you’re very lucky because you can get this beautiful mullet cut with ease. Those with naturally open curls can keep their hair the way it is, but you can also go from surfer waves to tight ringlets to make this style look even better.

11. Low Burst Fade with a Beard

Low Burst Fade with a Beard

You can do something very unusual with your free curls to make your look stand out from the rest of the crowd. It makes me think of the 1980s because of its bleached color, curly patch on top of the head, and general look.

12. Mullet Shag

Mullet Shag

In a standard mullet, the top and bottom of the hair are not very connected. This shaggy alternative, on the other hand, uses multiple layers to frame the face. This style is dramatic and a great way to show respect for the 1970s while keeping a bit of modernity.

13. Modern mullet with curls and fringe

Modern mullet with curls and fringe

Teenagers and young guys have made this style popular. The look is more interesting with short, curly bangs in front.

14. Bandana on a mullet

Bandana on a mullet

The styles and colors of the 1980s are coming back into style, but so are mullets. To get this look, trim the sides and let the curls on top and in the back grow out. To get that retro look, put on a pair of glasses and a bandana on your face.

15. Styled hair with a fade at the temple

Styled hair with a fade at the temple

The temple fade is an important part of this mullet hairstyle because it gives the curled locks more shape and makes the difference between the hair and the shaved sides stand out more. Looks catchy and unique!

16. Layers of Squares

Layers of Squares

Layer your thick waves so that they go from your head to your nape. This gives your hair a symmetrical look that stylists always find interesting. This design promises to make you look like a stylish person who cares a lot about how you show yourself.

17. Mullet with a Line Up

Mullet with a Line Up

You can show who you are by putting art into your hairstyle. A line-up is a classic go-to, and if you have a fade underneath, it can make an interesting contrast between long and short hair. If you’re ready to let lose, ask your barber to draw something more complicated on your temples, like a geometric shape, simple lines, or something three-dimensional.

18. Black Messy 

Black Messy 

If you want a casual look and your hair naturally curls, this is for you. Don’t put anything on them while they dry. A hair relaxer could be useful. And it looks great with a full beard. Check out the best foods in the world for growing a beard to do this naturally.

19. Modern Day Curly Mullet

Modern Day Curly Mullet

People are starting to wear mullets that are short and curly. It has a lot of pieces that fall in all different directions. Waves and curls can form because the longer length gives the hair structure. Also, wear a pair of colored glasses and keep a medium beard and mustache. 

20. Men with a round face

Men with a round face

Men with round faces will look great with a brown curly mullet if they want a country look. This style makes the face look longer and thinner because of the high top. In this case, you can pay attention to the lower curls. 

21. Small Spotlights

Small Spotlights

This choice is good for people who have naturally wavy hair or who want to get beach wave perms. You can make your black hair look more textured and three-dimensional by adding bright blonde highlights to this cut.

22. Braid Cornrow Mullet

This is one of the most interesting ways that twisted mullets can be done. People with curly or wavy hair will benefit greatly from this style, which is not only beautiful but also safe and easy to keep up.

To get the look I’ve shown in the model, you need hair that is about shoulder length. Keep the sides short and cut so that only the top and back are canvas. At the top, make three cornrows on each side and braid them into thin, open braids.

23. Undercut Mullet 

Undercut Mullet 

If you’re not sure if you want to go all out with your hairstyle, an undercut is a great way to try it out. When you shave the sides and underside of your hair, it will look like it goes all the way down your neck. To look like you have a mullet, make sure that your hair is shorter at the top and longer at the neck. When you want a new look, gather your hair and pull it into a bun or clip.

24. Curly Mullet Haircut with Short Bangs

Curly Mullet Haircut with Short Bangs

This style is a mix of a classic haircut and short bangs in front. It’s one of a kind, and the front of it needs to be trimmed often.

25. Glasses and a Mullet

Glasses and a Mullet

One of the most important parts of this curly Mexican hairstyle is a pair of glasses. They have a stylish round shape that makes this hairstyle look great. Keep the hair longer and more layered on the top and back to make them look better. 

26. Perm for Hair that is Thick

Perm for Hair that is Thick

Choose this mullet with a permed back if you don’t want your long, thick hair to look too big. It will make your hair thinner at the crown and show off cool perms. Remember to use a texturizing mousse or spray to highlight your layers on top and your perms in the back.

27. Lengthy Mohawk

Lengthy Mohawk

If you have curly or wavy hair that is already quite long and you don’t want to cut it short, I’ve got you covered. With this style, you can get a great mohawk look without giving up any of the good things you already have.

28. Drop Fade Mullet

Drop Fade Mullet

The drop fade mullet takes two of the most popular hairstyles for guys right now and puts them together. When you do a drop fade, the faded part of your cut “drops” down behind your ear, making a cool curve. You can leave the rest of your hair as long as you want, but adding a mullet will add a bit more style to the cut.

29. Volume curly mullets

Volume curly mullets

This is a good choice if you don’t like unprofessional hairstyles for guys. You’ll need volume, and stubble works well with it.

30. Dark Fuchsia Mullet

Dark Fuchsia Mullet

The best way to make a mullet look more trendy is to give it a high taper fade. If you like punk rock fashion and music, you might want to make your ringlets electric. You can also keep the roots darker for a great contrast.

31. Curly Blonde Mullet Done by Nature

Curly Blonde Mullet Done by Nature

We love this hairdo because of the beautiful volume and ashy blonde color. You can use medium-sized perm rods to make these pretty curly effects. Use oil on your hair to make it shiner.

32. Loose Back & Fade

Loose Back & Fade

One of the best ways to make images that stand out is to use different lengths. This version of curly mullets does just that by mixing a fade, short hair, and loose curls to make a look that stands out.

33. 80s Mullet

80s Mullet

The 1980s are making a huge comeback, and it’s not just in fashion. Today, everyone wants to look like they have a hairstyle. The top and back are long, while the sides are short. You can have sideburns even if you don’t have a mustache or beard.


Q: Is a curly mullet hairstyle considered unprofessional?

A: Typically, curly mullet hairstyles are seen as rebellious and go against conventional social norms. Consequently, many employers view this hairstyle as unprofessional.

Q: What is the origin of the term “mullet” for the hairstyle?

A: The origin and etymology of the term “mullet” remain somewhat debated. However, the Oxford English Dictionary attributes the first use of the phrase to the Beastie Boys in their 1994 song “Mullet Head.”

Q: Can women also sport a mullet hairstyle?

A: Absolutely! Nowadays, more and more women are experimenting with various mullet styles. In fact, curly mullet hairstyles are more commonly seen among women than men.

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