Master How to Tie a Bow Tie Easy

Hey, I’m Vijay from Travel World Fashion, and I’m going to teach you how to tie a bow tie today. You can wear bow ties mostly, most typically with wing collars. That works well with tuxidos, but we don’t see too many people wearing it nowadays. And people wear bow ties with small spread collars, and I think that’s how they look best. 

How to Tie a Bow Tie Easy

how to tie a bow tie

So let’s go back to how to tie the bow tie. So the way you want to start is to have the right-hand, depending if you’re left-handed or right handed, whichever is more convenient for you. 

One end is going to be longer than the other one. You don’t want to, depending on the finish you have on your bow tie, you might want to adjust the length so that you have enough width to tie the knot and make it easy for yourself. 

So this is where you start. The right end should be slightly longer because I’m right-handed. You go over the shoulder end, pull it out under, that’s step one. And you don’t worry about the longer side. 

So once you’re in this position, it’s pretty much like tying a shoelace

So what you want to do is bring up the shorter side sideways like this.

Pull down the longer part over and then it would be the middle of the knot. 

And then all you have to do is fold the part in your right-hand and slide it inside the loop that you’ve created. 

Then you just gently tighten the knot and it’s like magic, the knot starts to… You just pull on different ends, like the ones that are opposed to each other. So if you’re pulling the back end with your right-hand, you want to pull the front end with your left hand, and then until you start adjusting the knot and making it however fluffy you’d like it to be. 

And that’s how you tie a bow tie. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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