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What’s a Neck beard? Origins, Styles, and Stereotypes

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be caught with a scruffy neck beard. The jumble of hair beneath the jawline can be an eyesore and has earned those who have it a bad reputation. “Neck beards,” as they’ve come to be known, are meme-like characters who are slobby, have patchy facial hair on their necks, and are nerdily condescending. We’ll talk about neckbeards, including where the term came from, why some men develop them, and how to take care of one. So, if you’re interested in neckbeards, keep reading!

Neckbeards have spotted by a slew of celebrities. Including Jonah Hill at red-carpet events and Colby Rasmus while playing for the Tampa Bay Rays. However, this facial hair look has been a hit-or-miss fad throughout the years. Even LeBron James has been caught with a neckbeard on occasion — and we think he pulls it off.

When it comes to whether or not to shave your neckbeard, there is no single answer, only a variety of viewpoints. As a result, it is entirely up to you. It all boils down to what you think will look best with your beard length and style.

Let’s look at the history of the neckbeard, as well as some recommendations for growing and maintaining your own.

What is a Neck beard?

what is a neck beard


Neckbeard – What does that mean? A neckbeard is exactly what it sounds like: beard hair growing on your neck, usually unruly and unkempt. A neckbeard is a kind of facial hair that grows on the neck and is often unruly. When people use the word “neckbeard,” they aren’t always referring to a type of facial hair.

Many guys have facial hair that grows thicker below the jawline, so it’s only natural that they let it grow out.

The History of the Neck beard

History over the past few centuries has demonstrated that some men have grown out their neckbeards due to religious convictions or because they were unable to afford to maintain neater facial hair. Similar to women, some men choose to grow neckbeards because they are unable to do so with their actual faces.  

“Neckbeard” as a Slang Word

People often use the word “neckbeard” to insult someone. We like being jerks, so we don’t think it’s a good idea to call anyone a neckbeard. But if you must know, this is what “neckbeard” means in slang.

There are cringe-worthy memes all over the internet that show sloppy, unattractive guys who like to hang out in their parents’ basements. The picture reminds me of the bad guy in one of the best South Park episodes, “Make Love, Not Warcraft.”

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Modern Men with Neck Beards

what is a neck beard


Even though the image says otherwise, growing and taking care of a neckbeard can really make you look better. There are a lot of people with neckbeards, including a lot of famous people.

Consider Christian Bale as an example. This famous Batman actor’s beard and neck hair have grown out together to make a shorter, thicker beard that reaches his Adam’s apple. By doing this, he’s giving the neckbeard a more current look.

what is a neck beard


How about Peter Dinklage? You might know him as Tyrion Lannister from the TV show Game of Thrones. This guy doesn’t mind having a neckbeard and even puts his own spin on it. Have you ever heard of the neck goatee? Well, it’s pretty clear what it means. Dinklage has a beard around his mouth and chin that goes all the way down to his Adam’s apple.

what is a neck beard


How Do You Grow Your Own Neckbeard?

If you’re interested in growing your own neckbeard, there are a few things you should know to make the process as smooth and successful as possible.

Start With a Clean Slate

Before you start growing your neckbeard, it’s important to start with a clean-shaven face. This will give your neckbeard a fresh start and make it easier to manage as it grows. Use a sharp razor or electric shaver to remove any existing facial hair, and be sure to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells.

Choose the Right Style

There are many different styles of neckbeards, from short and neat to long and wild. Consider your face shape, hair type, and personal style when choosing a neckbeard style. It’s also important to consider how much time and effort you’re willing to put into maintaining your neckbeard.

Use Beard Oil

Beard Growth Oil is the best thing to use on your face after shaving. It feeds your skin with nutrients that help it grow and gives it much-needed moisture. Putting a little beard oil on your face and neck every day can help your beard grow in a healthy way. 

Be Patient

Growing a neckbeard takes time and patience. It’s important to resist the urge to trim or shape your neckbeard too early in the process. Give it at least a few weeks to grow before making any adjustments. During this time, use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin and hair healthy.

Should you Keep Your Beard on Your Neck?

It all comes down to what you like. If you like how you look with a beard on your neck, then you should keep it. If you don’t like how you look or are worried about the negative connotations of neckbeards, it might be time to try something new with your facial hair.

How do you Make a Beard on Your Neck Look Good?

what is a neck beard


A neckbeard doesn’t have to be a wild mess that looks bad. You can make this style look pretty good with just a little care. Here are a few things you can do to stop looking like a Reddit admin and more like a gentleman.

Where Should a Beard on the Neck End?

A nice-looking modern neckbeard shouldn’t go below Adam’s apple. You want a line to follow the natural curve of your face from the back of your mouth to your Adam’s apple. In the next steps, we’ll talk about cleaning, but for now, if you have hair below your Adam’s apple, make a note of it and follow the steps below to trim it.

Stylish Neck Beard 

1. Short and Scruffy

neck beard


This messy neck beard is cute, and it’s easy to touch up at home. Men with long faces and thick beard hair are the best candidates.

2. Hairy Neckbeard

neck beard


Most likely, our favorite style is the stubble neckbeard. It looks like it’s made of rough hair. It’s easy to keep clean and in good shape because it doesn’t take much time to style. You just need to go over it with a razor without a trim guard about once a week.

3. Clean and Short Beard on Neck

neck beard


This form of neckbeard has a clean-shaven face and short, moderately thick hair on the neck and under the chin. This makes look more put-together, so anyone can wear it.

4. Long Beard with Wave at the Neck

neck beard


Have a longer neck beard to show off the structure of your facial hair. This one is about the area under the chin. Best for older guys with beards that have a lot of texture.

5. The Beard of Lincoln

neck beard


The lincoln beard is more manly than the neck beard. Even though it has hair on the neck, it draws attention to your cheekbones. You only need a strong cutter and about 4 or 5 trim guards to get this look. If you want those face lines to look sharp, you can use a precision trim blade like the Zero-Blade.

6. Just About Neck Beard

neck beard

image source:

This neckbeard reminds me of the 5 o’clock shadow because it is very close to the skin and has been cut down. This is a great way to wear a neckbeard if your hair doesn’t grow thick or if it grows in patches since the short length will hide the patches.

7. Goatee With Chin Strap

neck beard

Image source:

Men like the chin strap beard style, and it looks good when it’s clean. Men with round or long faces and thick beard hair are the best candidates.

Buzz a chin strap down to about an inch or less in width, leaving a longer beard. Leave a few loose hairs around the neck to give the look of being a bit unkempt.


How do you shave neck beard?

To shave your neck beard, you should start by washing your face and neck with warm water to soften the hair. Then, apply shaving cream or gel to the area and use a sharp razor to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Be sure to rinse your razor often and use short strokes to prevent irritation. After shaving, rinse your face and neck with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

Where to shave beard on neck?

To shave your beard on the neck area, start by identifying the natural line where your beard ends and your neck begins. This is typically just above your Adam’s apple. Shave below this line in the direction of your hair growth to create a clean, defined line.

Where to trim beard on neck?

To trim your beard on the neck area, use a beard trimmer with a guard and trim the hair to your desired length. Start by trimming along the natural line where your beard ends and your neck begins, just above your Adam’s apple. Then, use the trimmer to blend the trimmed area into the rest of your beard for a seamless look.


You might not know it, but every day you get a little bit bigger. Concern has grown because of the recent influx of new pictures of people with a mix of neckbeards and hipster beards. It’s time for us to accept that having a neckbeard is a valid choice and start a conversation about what it means to have or grow one.

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