Top 5 Most LGBT friendly romantic places in Europe

Are you a member of LGBT community who would love to travel to some romantic European destinations? Perhaps the only thing holding you back is the lack of a travelling companion. If you’re a single girl, you should sign up for dating sites aimed at women seeking women. These outlets will allow you to interact with an incredible variety of singles. With secure communication channels to encourage easy flirting, chemistry will quickly develop. A good icebreaker for online conversations would be suggestions for the most LGBT-friendly locations to enjoy weekend breaks in Europe. How about taking on our suggestions of the most recommended places to visit?

Copenhagen, Denmark

It is appropriate that the capital city of Denmark should be number one on your potential shortlist: this Scandinavian location was among the first countries in the world to formally recognisesame-sex relationships. The colourful setting of multicoloured buildings, charming waterways, and ‘hippy’ districts cheek-by-jowl with red-light areas, is the ideal setting for LGBT romance. There have been gay bars serving customers here for decades – you must pay a visit to the Centralhjornet, where you can enjoy thrilling live music and hilariously entertaining drag shows, and then chill out with some laidback jazz on Sundays.

Brighton, England

Host of the UK’s most popular Pride event, Brighton is considered to be this country’s LGBT epicentre. You certainly won’t be disappointed if you make a beeline for this romantic place. Within a compact part of the town, you come across scores of LGBT-oriented outlets, including cafes, restaurants, and vibrant bars. Brighton is where gay couples have been congregating for same-sex marriages and civil partnerships for decades, meaning there is always a fabulously Bohemian party vibe.

Rome, Italy

The capital of Italy always features highly in any brochures recommending romantic European ventures. Its blend of classical architecture, beautiful Ancient Roman ruins, and endless entertainment opportunities, have made Rome a magnet for tourism. Much as the city is steeped in a historic atmosphere, it is also one of the foremost LGBT hubs in Western Europe. One particular locale, Villa San Giovanni, boosts an official designation as a ‘gay-friendly neighbourhood.’ The dates you must put into your diary for your visit should coincide with the summer months when a week-long gay village festival takes place, offering fabulous opportunities to socialize and enjoy the spectacles.

Ibiza, Spain

Although this Spanish island basking in the Mediterranean sunshine is synonymous with partying, it offers contrasting entertainment possibilities. If you are eager to join in the communal fun, there are bars and nightclubs where you can guzzle cocktails and then dance until dawn. Thousands of partygoers congregate here from all over the world, and you’ll find so many clubs and gay bars hosting world-famous DJs. During the day you can head over to Ibiza’s prominent gay beach, Playa Es Cavallet, where you can soak up the sun and enjoy watersports. This destination has been catering to LGBT travellers for so long that you will discover you are spoilt for choice with welcoming venues.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our final suggestion is another European city that has earned a formidable reputation for its entertainment opportunities. Amsterdam is an easily accessible city for tourists, with excellent transportation systemsallowing you to zip around well over 100 venues catering exclusively for LGBT clientele. Whether you wish to see the city’s many historic sites, including its charming canal system, or take advantage of numerous clubs, cafes, saunas and gay-oriented hotels, there is so much to see and do. During the first week in August, ‘The Dam’ hosts its annual Pride festival.

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