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25+ Inspiring and Stylish Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

There are so many different ways to show your praying hands tattoo, from traditional art to unique styles.

Different people get different designs for their praying hands tattoos based on their own tastes and interests.

Praying hand tattoos don’t look like much, but the meanings and energy they carry are worth a lot. The meaning behind praying hand tattoos is a great way to find happiness in life and feel good in your own skin. Most religious groups agree that the most common meaning of a praying hand tattoo is sacred.

Cool Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

If you’re thinking about getting one of these tattoos but aren’t sure which style would work best for your body type or personality, check out some of the ideas below.

1. Praying Hands Tattoo On Neck

praying hands tattoo

A strong sign of faith is a tattoo of praying hands on the neck. People with these tattoos say they feel more linked to God and to other people. They think that having prayer hands tattooed on their necks reminds them of their link to God.

2. Religious Prayer Hands Tattoo

praying hands tattoo

Here is a praying hand tattoo for guys. The Lord Jesus is shown by the cross mark on the prayer hand tattoo. This tattoo could be a picture of any god or person you believe in.

3. Rose Prayer Hand Tattoo

praying hands tattoo

In addition to the rose, this tattoo looks very real. This is a great way to show how much you care about your faith.

4. Folded Hand Says “Do Not Fear”

praying hands tattoo

If you ask a tattoo fan for help, you’ll find out that the best tattoos are the ones that mean something to the person who got them. Only a small number of tattoos with symbols other than praying hands have deeper meanings. This tattoo design has something holy to do with it. It has a sign that says “Do not fear.” This is a clear reminder to be strong and brave.

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5. Praying hands Tattoo with Halo

praying hands tattoo

Adding a halo to the picture is another great way to show the prayer hands shape. Now, it’s possible that this circle isn’t exactly what you think it is. When it comes to art, halos come in many different styles. You should think about streams of heavenly light going around the prayer hands for your praying hands tattoo.

6. Prayer Hands Cross Tattoo

praying hands tattoo

Putting a cross in the background of a prayer hand tattoo is a great way to draw more attention to it. With shading, the images can even be taken to a higher level.

A cross tattoo with hands that look like they’re praying is a popular variation on this list, mostly because the cross and hands have a lot to do with Christianity. The picture is often big, so it can only be shown in places that are bigger and longer.

7. Praying Hands Tattoo On Chest

praying hands tattoo

It means that the person has spent their whole life helping other people. A prayer hand tattoo means that the person wants to live forever. The person who gets a prayer tattoo will be blessed. It shows how much he loves God.

8. Praying Hands Tattoos With a Dove

praying hands tattoo

The dove is a sign of peace. Praying hands tattoos with one or two doves are very popular. Most Christians believe in them because the Bible has many stories about doves.

9. Praying Hand Tattoo With Birth Year

praying hands tattoo

Ask your tattoo artist to put a date on this special tattoo that means something to you. It can be the date you were born, so you can thank God for your life.

10. Cool Hand Tattoo

praying hands tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo in the praying hand style, you can choose from a number of different designs. There are a lot of different ways to look at the meaning of this pattern. This tattoo idea is a good way to show that you care a lot about religion. Also, this tattoo is pretty powerful. It has a colourful sign that talks about living life to the fullest.

11. Praying Hands Tattoos with Rosary Beads

prayer hands tattoo

If you want to make your praying hands tattoo more holy, you should think about getting a rosary tattoo next to it. This is because, in the Catholic religion, the rosary beads are an important part of having faith in Jesus Christ and praying. The rosary is based on a set of prayers that are used in the Roman Catholic church.

12. Small Praying Hands Tattoo

prayer hands tattoo

For beginners, a praying hand tattoo with a lot of detail isn’t always required. In fact, if you just want a small sign to remind you of the energy you’re trying to carry, this version with a small praying hand tattoo is a good example to follow.

The tattoo doesn’t have any complicated parts, which can be a good thing if you want a quick treatment. A shading method is often used to finish the sketch. This technique can be blended even more to make the sketch look more real and appealing.

13. Jesus Hand Praying Tattoo

prayer hands tattoo

The Jesus hand praying tattoo can mean different things based on who makes it. Some people think that the tattoo is a prayer to get to heaven. Others see the picture as a way to show respect for the person’s faith. But the most usual way to look at the picture is as a religious symbol.

14. Prayer Hands Tattoo With Script

prayer hands tattoo

Another kind of holy tattoo. Most of these are connected to a thought or a line from a holy book. This body art reminds you to stay on the right road. This is the main reason why the tattoo was made.

15. Praying Hands on Sleeve

praying hands tattoos

If you really want a holy tattoo, the sleeve is a great place to get it. Also, the cross looks great behind the prayer hands.

16. Realistic Praying Hands

praying hands tattoos

The most likely story about how this tattoo came to be is about a German worker named Albrecht Dauer, who was 18 years old at the time. If you accept this story, the praying hands were made by Albrecht in the 15th century as a gift of love for the mayor of Frankfort.

The mayor was very happy to get the gift because he thought it was a beautiful piece of art. He was so happy with the art that he gave his permission for it to be used as an altarpiece in 1508. After it was put into use, it grew into something very beautiful, but in 1729, a fire destroyed the first one. Albrecht, on the other hand, started some other paintings and drawings.

17. Praying Hands Tattoos Female

praying hands tattoos

This is a pretty new design for a praying hands tattoo, but I love it! With these praying hands tattoos, the hands look like they belong to a woman because they have long nails or a more delicate shape.

18. Forearm Prayer Hands Tattoo

praying hands tattoos

If you want the process to be fun, put the setting area ahead of the design itself. And if you want a lot of people to see the pattern with a minimal amount of pain, putting your praying hand tattoo on your forearm should be enough. The wrist has a lot of space that can be used to make any art longer and wider.

The wrist is known to be the best place for beginners or people with sensitive skin because it has few nerve endings and strong muscles.

19. Skeleton Praying Tattoo 

praying hands tattoos

The skeleton prayer tattoo is a newer style that has become very popular in recent years. The tattoo means something different to each person who has it, but most people agree that it is a sign of the dead. The tattoo is usually made to look like a skeleton, and it is meant to remember the person of a loved one who has died.

20. Praying Tattoos With Lines

praying hands tattoos

These are small, simple tattoos that only show the shape of the hands in prayer. Most of them are for girls. Anyone who wants this well-known tattoo just for style and fashion can choose this.

21. Minimal Tattoo

praying hands tattoo mean

You can get a medium-sized tattoo like the one above if you don’t like big ones. Shaky hands that pray will look good on you.

22. Hands With Bible

praying hands tattoo mean

Taking it a step further, you can add a Bible to your tattoo if you have a bigger place to get it done. This is another way to show that you are a Christian. There are also versions where the hands rest on the bible or the bible is kept close to the folded hands.

23. Prayer Hands Tattoo

praying hands tattoo

Yes, this kind of praying hands design is pretty cool and a different take on the traditional idea. But this type of tattoo of prayer hands is more than just pretty.

This pattern of praying hands is a more modern take on religion and faith. There were a lot of things that banned or looked down upon for a long time, and this is still true today.

24. Praying Hands Tattoo Traditional

praying hands tattoo mean

As long as the right colors used, a praying hand tattoo can also include traditional elements. Unlike most traditional tattoos, this one made up of faded tones of bright colors, like red and orange. It also has a fading shade of bottle green in it to cancel out the aura.

25. Popular Hand Praying Tattoo

praying hands tattoo mean

One of the most famous religious tattoos in the world is a picture of hands folded in prayer. It has become a popular tattoo choice for people of all faiths, including Christians and Muslims. And while some people get a prayer hands tattoo for spiritual reasons, others do it because they like the way it looks.

26. Thanksgiving Tattoo Prayer Hands

praying hands tattoo

In Chinese society, Thanksgiving is the time for praying hands. This way, you can show thanksgiving hands to anyone you admire most. This tattoo shows that you don’t want to hurt anyone.


What does the praying hands tattoo mean?

Putting your hands together to pray is a sign of submission, obedience, sincerity, thanks, blessings, and regret.

What praying hands tattoo symbolize?

When someone prays with their hands, it’s a sign of obedience, submission, sincerity, repentance, reverence, and respect for their greater power.

What is the cost of a praying hands tattoo?

The cost of a praying hand tattoo is determined by the region in which it is printed as well as the complexity of the design.


Overall, a praying hand tattoo is ideal for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re struggling to find faith, lack meaning in life, or are going through something incomprehensible and inexpressible, a prayer hands tattoo can help. For more tattoo ideas visit Travel World Fashion.

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