Frances Bean Cobain Weds Son of Pro Skater Tony Hawk

skateboarder Riley Hawk has married to Artist and model Frances Bean Cobain. This news is confirmed by HuffPost.

The bride (Frances Bean) and groom (Riley Hawk) tied the knot in Southern California Where R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe played role of officiant.

Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk’s Weds

In a delightful turn of events, the talented artist and model, Frances Bean Cobain, has officially become the beloved spouse of skateboarder extraordinaire, Riley Hawk, in a marriage that’s captured the attention of many. This exciting development was confirmed by HuffPost, adding to the joy of their union.

A Confirmation from Tony Hawk’s Representatives

To seal the deal, representatives for legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk also verified the union in a formal statement to HuffPost. Their love story was quickly making waves, and the official confirmation only added to the excitement surrounding their nuptials.

A Love Story That Blossomed Behind the Scenes

Frances, at the age of 31, and Riley, aged 30, had been secretly nurturing their romance since 2021. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the previous year that they chose to take their love public, leaving fans of both stars pleasantly surprised.

Riley’s First, Frances’s Second

While this marks Riley’s inaugural journey into the institution of marriage, for Frances, it’s a second attempt at conjugal bliss. Her first marriage to musician Isaiah Silva took place in June 2014 but was followed by a divorce less than two years later, in March 2016.

A Star-Studded Affair with ’90s Icons

It wasn’t just the bride and groom who brought star power to the event. Actress Drew Barrymore, who happens to be Frances’s godmother, was rumored to be among the guests. Fans of both Frances and Riley, two beloved ’90s icons, were thrilled to discover that their friendship had blossomed into a loving marriage. This revelation came after a photo of the couple having dinner with Riley’s parents was shared online.

An Unforgettable Date in San Diego County

Their long-anticipated special day arrived on October 7, and the lovebirds had previously secured their marriage license in September from San Diego County. 

Surrounded by cherished family and friends, the couple celebrated their union in a setting filled with love and positivity.

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