16 Doja Cat No Makeup Photos in 2023

Have you ever thought about how your favorite stars would look without makeup? We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Doja Cat, the famous singer and songwriter. She’s always been honest and sure of herself, with or without makeup. Here are 16 times when Doja cat seen without makeup.

There are a lot of celebrities who are busy putting out new lines of makeup and skin care products, but Doja Cat is one who isn’t afraid to be seen without any.

Before we start I thought many of our reader may not know the rapper. So check out here just to get a quick bio of her.

Who is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat is an American rapper and singer who brings out some of the outlandish songs that reach Billboard’s top. We all know her by the name of Doja Cat, but that’s not her real name. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini is her real name. Not many people know that she is school dropout who realized her dream of becoming a famous rapper and singer.

16 Doja Cat No Makeup Looks To Blow Your Mind

1. Live on Instagram

doja cat no makeup

We know for sure that you can’t get enough of your favourite celebrity’s Instagram live! But all we can see are their makeup-filled faces. When it comes to her Instagram feed, Doja Cat no makeup kills it.

2. In A Car

doja cat no makeup

Doja Cat looks very calm and sure of herself in this picture, even though she doesn’t have any makeup on. People often make fun of celebrities when they’re seen without makeup, but she doesn’t seem to care, and we love it.

3. Doja Cat with no makeup with acne 

doja cat no makeup

People with acne often feel less confident and good about themselves, but Doja didn’t feel that way. In this picture of herself, she still poses cockily without covering up her acne scars.

4. Being Unabashedly

doja cat no makeup

Because she is so honest, Doja Cat hasn’t been afraid to go on streams without makeup or even zoom in on her zits. For example, in this set of Instagram stories, she talks to her haters about it while being completely honest.

5. Doja Cat No Makeup Selfie With Cat

doja cat no makeup

Doja Cat don’t just wear no makeup on Instagram live. She also does it in other places. Doja Cat is just as sure of herself when she takes selfies without makeup on. Let’s be honest! When we open our front cams, we often shut them right away because we feel bad about it!

6. Pikachu 

doja cat no makeup

doja cat no makeup

Over 23.3 million people follow the famous rapper and singer on Instagram because it looks good. The star can still post a fun picture every once in a while, though. People liked and commented on this fuzzy picture of Pikachu more than 4.1 million times.

7. Naturally Bright

doja cat no makeup

There is nothing wrong with putting on makeup and looking beautiful. The problem starts when people criticise famous people who aren’t wearing makeup.

8. Doja Cat Dressed Up Without Makeup

doja cat no makeup

Doja Cat looks like it’s going somewhere in this shot! Even though she’s dressed up, she doesn’t have any makeup on. Well, if she is wearing any, it’s not much. That’s the kind of security you need in your life. You will go far in life once you have this much faith in yourself.

9. Wearing Red Lingerie

doja cat no makeup

This is yet another example of how sure of herself Doja Cat is. She shared this picture of herself in red lingerie, slouching and making a funny face. 

There were over 19,500 comments and over 3.6 million likes on this. Most of them were nice and funny.

10. Blonde Doja Cat Funny Face

doja cat with no makeup

At this point, Doja Cat looks really beautiful with her makeup on. She also doesn’t mind posting pictures of herself with funny faces on them.

11. Doja Cat without makeup rocks this curly hair look 

doja cat with no makeup

If you look at more shots of Doja Cat, you’ll see that most of them have her hair on top. Her wavy hair, on the other hand, makes her look like a doll, as you can see in this picture.

12. Sleeping open eyes

doja cat with no makeup

Doja shared another beautiful picture on Instagram a while ago. She is on her bed under a blanket, and her cat is sleeping next to her. 

The next set of shots close in on the cat and then show her face while she’s half asleep. “Sleeping with our eyes open” was written under the picture.

13. Old but cute photo of Doja Cat with no makeupdoja cat without makeup

The star has been happy with herself for a long time, as shown by this. Her looks when she doesn’t wear makeup aren’t new.

14. Using TikTok to Lip Sync

doja cat without makeup

“Don’t walk out” was the title of a movie that Doja Cat put on TikTok. She is dressed in a fluffy pink jacket and has pink cat ears on. “How I learned to lipsync as realistically as possible for billboard awards’’ is in the video. A lot of people have watched this movie. Because she is sure of herself, she always looks beautiful and sweet when she is herself.

15. Relaxing with music

doja cat without makeup

Look at this picture of Doja. She is closing her eyes and listening to music. Her face shows that she is having fun because it is so relaxed. She also put this picture on Instagram by herself. The real face makes her look so sweet in this picture.

16. Doja Cat Making a TikTok Video Again With no Makeup

doja cat without makeup

Doja cat making a fun video that she put on TikTok. In fact, this is a new version of an old movie. “HAPPY TYRAWEEN VS VASLINE” was written under the picture. In this picture, she looks so beautiful. Over 12 million people liked this video on TikTok, and her fans really liked it. This movie just plain shows how pretty she is.

What Doja Cat Actually Looks Like: Doja cat no makeup vs makeup

doja cat no makeup vs makeup

doja cat without makeup

sleepy doja cat without makeup

doja cat without makeup

Sexy doja cat without makeup


Everyone who knows Doja Cat will remember her, whether you like her or just her songs. She doesn’t say sorry for it. The skilled artist has shown many times that she doesn’t mind showing herself as she is. She has always had the “what you see is what you get” attitude, which is nice to see in this day and age.

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