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How To Wear Hijab [For Beginners]

Like every year, when summer comes, it’s a great time to go shopping. We update our wardrobes with the season’s best pieces and the latest colour trends. Most of all, we have fun trying on all the new things for our everyday summer style. Here are how to wear hijab ideas to help you update your closet.

As a hijabi girl, you need to have the right clothes for when it gets warm again. So let’s talk about trend outfit hijabers 2023 that will make you look so stylish this spring. 

In the modern fashion age, the old-school conservative outfit hijab ideas have changed by upping the ante and becoming more modern. When it comes to hijab fashion, this is pretty much true. Hijab outfits have changed a lot over the years, becoming more stylish and elegant while still being humble.

How To Wear Hijab Explained in Different Ways

The hijab is a big part of how humble a Muslim woman is. Under Islamic dress rules, a woman must wear loose clothes that cover her whole body except for her hands and face.

How to Put on a Hijab in an Easy Way

Throw a long, rectangular scarf over your head so that one side is longer than the other.

  • Under your chin, pin the two ends of the scarf together.
  • The longer end of your scarf should go behind the shoulder on the other side.
  • The same end should now be in front of the other shoulder.
  • Spread your scarf out so that both ends cover your chest.

Classic Wrap

When it comes to hijab styles, the basic wrap is the best at everything. It fits almost everyone, and because it’s a simple style, it goes with almost anything.

  • Lay the blanket over your head so that one side is longer than the other. The longer side will go around your head, so you need to make sure it fits.
  • Use regular pins or magnetic pins that won’t poke a hole in your hijab to secure both sides of the scarf under your chin.
  • Grab the longer side and wrap it around your head, draping it over the shoulder where it originally ended.
  • Spread out both sides so they cover your shoulders and chest.

How to Wear Hijab Without Pins

If you wear an underscarf under your hijab, you won’t need a pin to keep it in place. 

  • Make sure it fits well on top of your head and wear a hijab made of a material that won’t slip, like this black fine weave modal example. 
  • Hold the hijab with both hands and stretch your arms out to smooth out wrinkles and spread the fabric. Spread it over your head so that each side has the same amount of fabric. 
  • Line up the edge of your hijab with the edge of the underscarf and tie an open knot under your chin.

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