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23 Bright Summer Nails To Try Out in 2024

Forget the winter’s preference for dark, gloomy hues and embrace these bright, gorgeous hues for the summer. The warm season is all about self-expression and adding a welcome splash of color to your appearance. And what better way to accomplish this than with incredibly imaginative and stylish nail designs? Choose hot pink to liberate your inner Barbie girl, or choose something retro and cool to channel your inner decades. If you’ve been searching for the most effective means to attract attention to your fingernails and bring a smile to your face, look no further than the bright summer nails you’ll adore!

Bright Summer Nails 2024

Keep scrolling for stunning bright summer nail designs that will make your nails stand out this summer and make you appear super fashionable and adorable!

1. Floral Shiny Summer Nails

bright summer nails

Indulging in ice cream on a sweltering summer day, these nude nails adorned with entrancing floral patterns become your fashionable companion. Capturing the essence of nature’s beauty and reflecting the sun’s rays, they add a dash of magic to your fingertips, transforming each day into a delightful journey filled with laughter and sunshine.

2. Neon Bright Summer Nails

bright summer nails

Bright neon summer manicures will elevate your look this season. The intensity of these hues makes them a guaranteed attention-grabber, and everyone will glance in your direction. You can combine your favorite hues for a colorful and daring finish, or you can keep it basic by focusing on a single color. This manicure will feel expressive and youthful.

3. Gradient Summer Nails

bright summer nails

This nail design is so straightforward, but look how lovely it is! It will truly make every ensemble stand out, which isn’t our summertime objective?

4. Sea-green Bright Summer Acrylic Nails

bright summer nails

What is your first thought when I mention summer? Beaches, yes? Here are some nail art ideas for the summer that are reminiscent of stunning beach waves. Start applying blue hues to alternate nails, such as the thumb and middle finger, for these short, vibrant acrylic summer nails.

5. Funky Bright Summer Nail Colors

bright summer nails

Consider neon polka dots, vivid geometric patterns, rainbow gradients, and daring color blocking – the options are limitless! Don’t be afraid to combine colors and textures, such as matte and glossy finishes. 

This summer, the best way to express your personality and make a statement is by sporting colorful, eccentric manicures. With a vast array of vibrant colors and eccentric patterns at your disposal, you can effortlessly create a distinctive, eye-catching appearance. 

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6. Ombre Orange Summertime Nails

bright summer nails

Unleash your inner Egyptian pharaoh with these hypnotic orange ombre nails, where the essence of midsummer and the allure of ancient opulence intertwine. Long golden flakes decorate the vibrant orange gradient, evoking the treasures buried in the dunes of time. As the sun’s beams reflect off your fingertips, they reveal a mesmerizing display of light and color, weaving a tale of mystique and grandeur. Embrace the season’s warmth while exuding an aura of regal magnificence that transcends time.

7. Bright French Tip Nails for Summer

bright summer nails

Draw attention to the shape of your nails by concentrating the color at the end using a contemporary interpretation of French tips. This is a traditional approach to manicures, but the addition of the daring color will update the appearance, giving you something fresh and exciting that is still simple to achieve. To achieve a contrasting finish that will make you the envy of your peers, try using various tones of the same color for the base and tip.

8. Mural Design

bright summer nails

Mural design nails are currently all the trend. Make sure to attempt this design at least once this summer, as it will be ubiquitous.

9. Happy-face nail art

bright summer nails

This adorable smiley-face nail design is the best at-home nail art you can attempt! You only need black, white, and yellow nail polishes and narrow brushes for nail art. If you have a basic understanding of thin brushstrokes, there is no difficulty!

10. Sequence of Swirls

bright summer nails

The combination of spirals is a captivating summer nail art trend that is sweeping the nation. Swirl manicures are ideal for any occasion due to their hypnotic, fluid patterns and endless color combinations.

This adaptable pattern can range from delicate pastel spirals to bold, contrasting hues, allowing you to create a genuinely unique work of art with your fingertips. You may use either a fine nail art brush or a toothpick for more intricate details to accomplish this effect.

11. Summer Fun Chrome Nails

neon bright summer nails

These vivacious manicures feature an eye-catching chromatic design that is ideal for basking in the sun and creating enduring memories.

Let your right hand take center stage with breathtaking shades of green, from the thumb to the ring finger, and a delightful pink accent on the pinky. Your left hand, meanwhile, displays a flirty and fabulous array of pink tints, with an unexpected twist of green on the pinky finger.

12. Brilliantly Colorful Nails

neon bright summer nails

What better way to get into the spirit of summer than with a variegated manicure? The key to achieving this effortlessly chic look is to apply a distinct color to each fingernail. This makes it simple to combine your favorite colors. You determine whether this is a cool green or a bright pink! The contrast between each fingernail draws attention to your hands and accentuates their shape.

13. Summer Nail French Tips

neon bright summer nails

Oh my! Would you take a look? French manicures are typically daring, but this version steals the show! Mix and match various patterns, such as an edgy cow print, fluffy clouds, and a smiley face on the tips, for a sophisticated summertime appearance.

14. Dark Sage Green Nails

neon bright summer nails

This is a simple method to create short, bright summer nails that you can try at home if you have nail polish in a dark sage green hue.

This concept is also suitable if you have naturally short nails that you have grown with appropriate nail care, such as applying cuticle oil regularly. Use a dark sage green nail polish to decorate your nails.

15. New Floral Nails

neon bright summer nails

Floral tips on bright summer nails are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Give your nails a breath of fresh air this season with blossoming designs that evoke the majesty of nature in full bloom.

There is a floral motif to suit every personality and taste, whether you prefer refined roses, cheerful daisies, or exotic tropical flowers. To create this charming appearance, begin with a neutral or pastel foundation, and then use a fine brush or dotting tool to paint on your desired flowers. 

16. Multi Colored Summer Nails

neon bright summer nails

There is no way to go wrong with an analogous color palette. This manicure has a bold personality, but is also sophisticated enough to proclaim, “Yep, I understand color theory.” These pleasant, candy-colored tones would pair well with roller skating on a late summer afternoon.

17. Bright Pink Summer Nails

neon bright summer nails

Be courageous and express your inner Barbie! Bright pink nails are an unmissable hue and will be a fantastic way to highlight your fingertips this summer. Don’t be frightened by the color, as it is surprisingly simple to wear and complements most skin tones. Moreover, this color is feminine.

18. Bright Summer Marble Blue nails

neon bright summer nails

This blue marble pattern over white is so beautiful! It reminds me of briny ocean water, which makes me adore this nail design even more. And with the addition of gold foil, these are the ideal summer manicures for 2024!

19. Bright Summer Nails Garden

neon bright summer nails

If you thought 2022 was revolutionary, 2024 is an entirely new invention. We are breaking out of our comfort zone and experimenting with trendy garden theme nails as never before.

20. Half-white fingernails

neon bright summer nails

Have no money for a manicure by a professional? These short, bright summer nails will make your fingertips appear incredible. This concept does not require the use of pricey nail instruments.

21. Little Lemons Nails Design

bright summer nails 2024

Little lemons are a delightful and refreshing nail art trend that gives your summer style a zesty spin. Nails inspired by lemons are ideal for evoking the season’s sunny, laid-back atmosphere due to their vibrant yellow hues and upbeat spirit. 

22. Retro Summer Nails Color

bright summer nails 2024

These swirling, vibrant nails will transport you to a world of nostalgic appeal. The palette of teal, pink, and yellow, inspired by bubble gum, creates a delightful dance of patterns redolent of carefree candy store days. 

As the colors mix on your fingertips, they generate a playful energy that embodies the summer’s pleasure and lightheartedness. These nails are your ticket to a season filled with merriment, sunshine, and a fashionable nod to the past.

23. Beach Summer Nails Ideas

bright summer nails 2024

Bright blue is a luxurious hue that is frequently associated with sophistication. But during the summer, it’s all about self-expression and having your nails noticed! Do you adore simple nail art? This color makes even the most basic design appear beautiful. Or, why not contrast it by selecting a different color for a cosmetic accent? Not only will this reduce the intensity of the blue, but it will also allow you to experiment with multiple designs at once.

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