La Llorona Tattoo Meaning

Welcome back everyone in to the world of tattoo. Today we will talk about La Llorona tattoo. What does it mean, What is the best placement and what is its history.

So without wasting much time lets go and learn more about this tattoo.

La Llorona Tattoo Meaning

La Llorona tattoos meaning is very simple and deep. It is the symbol of a woman in tears, capturing the essence of her sorrow.

People who get tattoos of La Llorona honor the story that is deeply rooted in Mexican culture. 

Who is La Llorona?

La Llorona is the Weeping Woman. People believe that it is a spirit that haunts the folklore of Mexico. Some also believe that it haunts Latin American countries as well. 

There is this saying that she’s a ghost. But some people still believe that she’s an immortal wanderer not a ghost that haunts. You will meet those also saying she is not dead but not really alive either. 

But the common believe is that she cry loudly in the night that you dont want to listen.

Best Placements for La Llorona Tattoo

It is believed that forearm, back, or thigh is the best place to get this tattoo.


I hope now you know very well who is La Llorona and what is her story. If you liked this article then checkout our other articles on the same category mentioned below. 

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