Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

Hello everyone today we are going to talk about teardrop tattoo. We are going to see what does it mean and its placement ideas. We will also take a look on teardrop tattoo meaning when its on the right side of the face and when its on the right side of the face.

Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

Teardrop tattoo is a small tattoo in the shape of a teardrop. This tattoo represents gang and jail culture, where it usually means someone has killed, been put down, or served time in jail. 

For some, this kind of tattoo may mean sadness or loss.

What Does Right Side Teardrop Tattoo Mean?

The teardrop under the right eye means a family member or gang member who has died. Groups of people see each other as a second family, and when one person dies, it’s like losing a brother or sister. 

What Does Left Side Teardrop Tattoo Mean?

The tear drop on the left side stands for “I killed someone in jail.” How many people died is shown by the number of tears. The teardrop on the left eye is still a jail tattoo, and gangs are getting more and more interested in getting them. 

A teardrop tattoo on the left side of the body could also mean that someone was a member of Blood or People’s Nation.


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