Medusa Tattoo Meaning

Do you have the same curiosity about Medusa tattoo like me? If yes then lets go understand this this famous Greek mythological figure. We have seen in mythological books and movies that Medusa has snake-like hair and has been moving people’s hearts and thoughts. 

In the past few years, the Medusa tattoo has become more and more popular.

But what is a Medusa tattoo meaning? What makes this tattoo different from others? Let’s learn more about this interesting creature’s long past!

What does a Medusa tattoo mean? 

The Medusa tattoo is a symbol of strength, survival, femininity, power, and change.

Why Medusa tattoo is so Popular?

Medusa tattoo is famous tattoo style that has been around for a long time. The image of the beautiful and powerful Medusa with snake hair has a long past and many different stories. These stories have made this tattoo so famous.

Another reason could be the #MeToo movement, which helped get rid of some of the shame surrounding sexual attack and abuse in general.

Story of Medusa

Greek myth says that Medusa was a young, pretty woman who worked as a virgin priestess for Athena, the goddess of war and knowledge. Poseidon, the god of the sea, noticed her beauty one day. The story is told in different ways, but the most popular one says that he raped her badly in Athena’s temple. 

Medusa had soiled her sacred stone, and the goddess of war and knowledge was so mad at her that she turned her into a gorgon, a female monster with wings and snakes for hair that could turn anyone to stone with just one look.


Its a great tattoo to have. and if you want some ideas or inspiration then you can read our blog 17 Amazing Medusa Tattoo Ideas For Women.

It will help you to get best medusa tattoo on your body. See ya in next blog till then keep visiting Travel World Fashion for more interesting content.

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