Lesbian Voyagers: Main Tips to Organize Your Trip

Are you and a girlfriend planning to go on vacation? Travel is amongst one of the most popular of all leisure pursuits, and after a couple of tough years when societies across the globe were coping with lockdowns, the world seems to have opened for business again! With increasing numbers of cheap deals becoming available, there has never been a better time for you and your female companion to jet/ferry/drive into the sunset. All you need to know now are some handy tips to help organize the perfect trip.

Dating site to meet lesbian voyagers who love traveling

Let’s start with the most basic consideration of all. Getting in touch with your travel companion. You might have a list of qualities you’re looking for. Someone sharing your favorite locations. No matter whether you prefer historic sightseeing, lounging on a beach, or dancing until sunrise in vibrant clubs, a kindred spirit. 

So, when it comes to making arrangements for a local lesbian hookup, you should check out a site or app where signing up will instantly provide access to a diverse pool of talent. 

Algorithms within this service will steer you towards other members who appear to tick your boxes, sifting through extensive databases of information in milliseconds. What’s more, these resources will offer secure communication channels where you can stoke a real sense of chemistry while discussing the places you’d love to travel to.

Pointers for organizing your journey

Where your joint vacation is concerned, you can easily get carried away with excitement. Once you’ve decided on your destination, the focus will naturally fall on building an itinerary of places to see, and rushing out to buy guidebooks or, depending on where you’re going, downloading foreign language apps to ‘teach-yourself-local phrases.’

 You should take a step back and think more practically. Before researching restaurants or poring over maps, a ‘to-do list’ is essential.

  • Ensure your passports are up to date. Leave them somewhere prominent so nobody forgets to pick them up the day you head to the airport or ferry terminal.
  • Go online and search for some travel fashion ideas. Check out your wardrobe in advance, making sure everything fits. It’s a better idea to travel lighter, avoiding clothes taking up too much space. Buying items when you’re abroad and bringing them home is always a good way to remember the holiday.
  • If you’re travelling by car, have it serviced beforehand. Check out your insurance cover for different countries. Load up with plenty of fuel.
  • Book accommodation well in advance, obtaining downloads or printing paper copies of hotel reservations. There’s always a potential for admin glitches at the other end, so you don’t want anything delaying settling in and unpacking.

Top 5 locations that are friendly to LGBT

London, England

London, England
Photo by David Monaghan on Unsplash

London is the perfect destination for lesbian voyagers, a capital city with a longstanding tradition of inclusivity. There have been secret gay coffee houses here for generations, and while it enjoys a rich LGBT heritage, the current gay scene is vibrant and forward-looking. On any night of the week, you can experience fabulous drag acts or lesbian stand-up comics. The district of Soho has always been buzzing with alternative action, and there are a variety of gay-friendly cafes or bookshops.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany
Photo by Marlene Leppänen: https://www.pexels.com/photo/facade-of-the-berlin-cathedral-under-a-cloudy-sky-berlin-germany-16240968/

A contender for queer capital of the world, Berlin’s ride parade attracts crowds of over one million revellers to these iconic streets. Experience everything from English language pub quizzes at the Tipsy Bear, or mingling with other LGBT singles at Möbel Olfe.

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San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, USA
Photo by Robert So: https://www.pexels.com/photo/richmond-san-rafael-bridge-18019551/

The city on America’s Californian coastline once synonymous with 1960s counterculture, San Francisco has been a beacon for lesbian travellers for decades. You’ll immediately feel at home when you arrive at this destination, discovering rainbow flags draped from pubs, restaurants, bars and other social outlets. Check out gay hot spots such as Toad Hall, The Cafe, or Lookout.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia
Photo by Tiff Ng: https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-shot-of-city-2097616/

This city is another location with a proud tradition of welcoming LGBT holidaymakers. Back in 2017, Australia introduced same-sex marriage equality, sparking widespread celebrations and St parties. Head over to Smith Street, which has become something of a gay village for its fabulous nightlife and partying.

If you’re looking for a more sedate experience, try Fox Hotel’s drag shows, or queer poetry reading at the Hares and Hyenas bookshop. The annual Kylie birthday ball at Sircuit bar has become legendary (after all, Ms Minogue is Melbourne’s LGBT patron saint!)

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
Photo by Ana Bórquez on Unsplash

Finally, famed for its Pride week, Sweden has been a haven for LGBT travellers since the early 70s. This Scandinavian country was the first in the world to permit gender changes, while same-sex marriage has been permissible since 2009. The gay-owned Mälarpaviljongen bar is a must-visit location, and you and your partner can add backing vocals to Abba holograms at the eponymous museum.


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