As economies around the world get better, the top 19 Top travel agencies in the world are helping to drive great growth and important new ideas by using technology in the modern travel industry. So the travel companies we chose play a big part in making the travel industry grow.

But why are we talking about the best travel companies?

Answer: It’s hard to travel by yourself or with your family to a place you don’t know much about if you don’t know anything about it. Also, you can get into a lot of trouble. So there are travel agencies that can help you avoid problems you might face. So, here is a list of the best travel agencies in the world to help you out.

Also, you could save some money if you booked your trip through a travel agency. They would also show you the must-see spots in your vacation spot because they know everything about it.

List of Top Travel Agencies in the World

Which travel agency is the best in the world? Here is a list of the top ten highest-earning travel agencies, based on how much money they made in sales (in billions of US dollars). This list includes both travel agencies and corporate travel management companies.

1. Expedia


Expedia Group, Inc. is an American company that helps people and small businesses plan and book trips online. Last year, Expedia Group, which owns many websites like Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Vrbo, Trivago, Orbitz, Travelocity, CarRentals.com, and Hotwire.com, made $107.9 billion in sales.

More than 40% of transactions across the group’s consumer OTA brands were made on mobile, and the total number of app transactions grew by more than 40% from the previous year.

Founded in: 1996

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington, USA

2. Booking Holdings

Booking Holdings

Booking Holdings Inc. is an American travel technology company based in Norwalk, Connecticut. It was founded in Delaware and has its headquarters there. It owns and runs a number of travel fare aggregators and metasearch engines, such as Booking.com, Agoda.com, Priceline.com, Rentalcars.com, Kayak.com, Cheapflights, Momondo, and OpenTable. It runs websites in about 200 countries and in 40 different languages.

Booking Holdings is still number two on the Travel Week Power List for 2020. In 2019, the company booked $96.4 billion in gross travel.

Booking Holdings Headquarters: Norwalk, Connecticut

Booking Holdings Employees: 24,500

Booking Holdings Sales: $92.7 billion

Booking Holdings Founded: 1996

3. Absolute Travelers & Tours:

The company was started in 1992, and since then it has offered a wide range of travel services, such as school trips, college tours, skiing trips, and other types of travel.

You could make changes to your trip with the help of this travel agency. So that you can choose from the choices they offer travellers. These kinds of deals seem great because you don’t have to stick with a certain group to have fun. Instead, you can do whatever you want while you’re on vacation, and they’ll make sure you get what you want.

They came up with different offers, like a luxury trip or an adventure trip. And you can pick any of them based on what you like. With this travel company, you could choose any place to go on vacation. They almost cover every part of the world, but they don’t go to the places with the harshest weather.

Founded: 1992

4. BCD Travel

BCD Travel: Top travel agencies in the world

BCD Travel is a company that manages corporate travel around the world. BCD Travel offers travel management services in as many as 109 countries. Last year, the company made a total of US$27.5 billion in sales and employed almost 14,900 people around the world. The BCD Group includes BCD Travel.

BCD Travel Headquarters: Utrecht, Netherlands

BCD Travel Employees: 14,000

BCD Travel Sales: $27.1 billion

BCD Travel Founded: 2016

5. Cox and Kings:

Cox and Kings: Top travel agencies in the world

Cox and Kings is one of the travel companies that has been around the longest. Richard Cox started it in 1758 in the Indian city of Mumbai. During that time, India was ruled by the British, but when the British left in 1947 and went back to England, this company decided to stay in India because it had successfully set up its base there. From that point to now, it has grown a lot.

This travel company is one of the oldest ones, and it has been helping travellers for a long time. Because of this, you can trust it a lot. This company has more than ten places around the world where it is based. And you could go on a world tour through this company because it offers vacations in almost every place in the world. This company always tries to treat everyone who travels with them with kindness.

Founded: 1758

6. American Express Global Business Travel

American Express Global Business Travel

The third best travel company in the world is American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). GBT is a corporate travel management company that is owned by American Express to the tune of 50%. GBT is known as a business travel management company. Large companies use GBT’s services to manage their corporate travel and meetings programmes. GBT also helps business travellers with services and support.

Last year, GBT made $33.7 billion in sales, which makes it one of the best travel companies based on sales.

Founded: 2016

American Express Global Business Travel Headquarters: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

American Express Global Business Travel Sales: USD 33.7 billion

American Express Global Business Travel Number of Employees: 17,400

7. Direct Travel

Direct Travel: Top travel agencies in the world

Direct Travel is a leading travel management company that made $5.8 billion in sales and bought more than six companies, including Professional Travel, which was ranked 31st on Travel Weekly’s 2019 Power List with $404.8 million in sales.

Direct Travel Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Direct Travel Employees: Unknown

Direct Travel Sales:$5.8 billion

8. Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management, a global provider of new and affordable travel solutions for corporate, events, leisure, loyalty, and wholesale travel, is the last company on TWS’s list of the top 10 travel companies in the world in 2022. 

Customers all over the world can get local service solutions from CTM. This is done through a combination of offices owned and run by CTM and a network of independent partner agencies. Last year, CTM made sales of USD 5 billion, which makes it one of the biggest travel companies in the world in terms of sales.

CTM Sales: USD 5 billion

CTM Founded: 1994

CTM Number of Employees: 725

CTM Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA

9. American Express Travel

American Express Travel: Top travel agencies in the world

American Express Travel also stayed on the 2022 Power List. The eighth-ranked company, with sales of almost $7 billion in 2019, stayed there as well. Last year was a busy one for the company. They increased the value of their air and hotel programmes, added new booking options for card members, and bought LoungeBuddy and Resy, two digital platforms.

American Express Travel Headquarters: New York City, New York

American Express Travel Employees: 5,000

American Express Travel Sales: $6.27 billion

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10. Travel Leaders Group

Travel Leaders Group is a multi-unit travel company with its headquarters in New York City. It has more than 7,000 company-owned, franchised, and affiliated travel agency locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. The company has more than 52,000 travel agents all over the world, and it made USD 7.12 billion in sales last year, making it one of the best travel agencies out there. 52,000 hosted agents make sales worth USD 3.73 billion.

11. Flight Centre

Flight Centre
Source: wikimedia.org

Flight Centre Travel Group is a travel company in Australia. It began in the year 1982. 30 percent more money was made by businesses in 2019 than in 2018. Last year, the successful agency made $16 billion in sales. It works with nearly 20,800 hosted agents, who made $56 million in sales.

Flight Centre Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia

Flight Centre Employees: 20,700

Flight Centre Sales: $16 billion

12. Classic Journeys

Classic Journeys is a travel company that was started by Edward Piegza in 1995 so that he could do what he loved: travel. Different tourists have different tastes. There isn’t a traveler who doesn’t want to learn about the culture and realness of the place they are visiting. This travel agency makes sure that the traveler learns as much as possible about the place they are going, right down to the city’s core.

Many people who work for the company have been to different places and want to know them well. So, this makes the company the best guide you’ve ever had to any city you choose for a vacation. They make trips to the places you want to see that are unique to you.

13. Butterfield and Robinson

Butterfield and Robinson

George Butterfield started this company in 1966 because he wanted to take students on a bike trip with his family. The only way they planned to see the area was by bike. That would have been a great trip, which is why they are now taking thousands of people with them.

This is another very old travel agency that has been helping people for many years. And it seems like everyone is happy with their service, which is why they are so popular with travelers. The best thing about this company is that they offer the best way to travel by bike, on foot, or even by boat. So that everyone could feel good the whole time.

14. Intrepid


Two friends in Melbourne, Australia, started a business in 1988 and ignored all the distractions that came their way. It is now one of the most well-known travel agencies. The two friends were Darrell and Manch. They came up with the idea for this business while they were on an adventure trip in Africa. Instead of an A-C bus, they chose a modified ex-council truck and filled it with friends, trek gear, beers, and other things.

They planned the trip in three different ways: basic, original, and comfortable. They give you the freedom to choose how you want to travel. Once you’ve chosen the style, you don’t have to worry about anything else. They’ll make sure you have the best trip possible.

15. Trek Travel

Trek Travel

It is one of the top travel agencies in the world. John Burke started Trek Travel because he always wants to see the world in a different way. So, in 2002, he opened this business.

You might have guessed from the name of the company that they let every traveler trek on places to learn more about them. They think that bikes are the best way to get around and really see a place. This company does more than just plan trips. It also plans events. So, if you want to have a birthday, anniversary, reception party, or even a wedding at a destination, this company can help you plan it. They will make sure that your event is celebrated in the best way possible.

16. Journeys International 

Journeys International

Robin Weber Pollak started Journeys International in 1970. It is known for giving tours that focus on the culture of the place and how people there live. They have shown how “ecotourism” and “adventure travel” should be done.

The name of the company makes it pretty clear that this travel agency is best known for international trips all over the world. It is a company based in the United States that helps people plan some of the best vacations they can ever remember. 

They will not only give you amazing trips, but they will also make sure that each traveler gets the same amount of help so that everyone knows everything there is to know about the place. They also have great adventure and vacation activities like hiking, surfing, and many others.

Above are the reasons why this one called one of the top travel agencies in the world.

17. Gray & Company

Gray & Company

Cari Gray started this company in 2009 after working in this field for two years. As soon as she saw that private tours needed to be more high-tech, she was ready to take the lead. Now, her company is the best travel agency, and she is proud of that. If you like to take risks, try one of their high-end walking or biking trips, which is what they do best.

The best travel agency in the whole world is this one. It is also the most reliable, and its only goal is to give travelers the best of the best. They have different trips that come in different packages, so the prices for each package are different. This makes the company appealing to every one, since everyone can afford it.

18. Artisans of Leisure

Artisans of Leisure

Ashley Isaacs Ganz opened the travel company Artisans of Leisure in 2003. She is a respected member of the travel industry because she knows all the problems travelers face and understands what they want. She has been all over the world, and now she wants other people to know everything there is to know about travel at its best.

People know that the company specializes in private and custom tours. They make sure that every tour has an expert guide so that you can feel the benefits of tailor-made trips. A lot of travel magazines have written about this company. If you want to learn about the city’s culture, you should use this company to plan your trip.

19. Thomson Family Adventures:

Thomson Family Adventures is a travel company that is best known for taking families to amazing places on amazing trips. They did not take much time to become one of the top travel agencies in the world. They have a great facility for people who are travelling with their families. And they make sure that the trip is comfortable for everyone in the family, no matter what age they are.

They make sure that the trip is fun for the kids in every family. So, they came up with some great ways for kids to have fun trekking. You can even bring your child, and any other family member can do the same. So you don’t have to worry about your children.

This travel agency is known for giving adventure vacations, but they also make sure everyone stays safe while having fun. You can choose from a lot of different packages, and most of the prices are different.

Founded in: 1998
Founder: Judi Wineland and Rick Thomson came up with the idea.


These are 19 top travel agencies in the world. Why not just leave? Go to any of them to plan your next trip, and have a great vacation. Also, Travel World Fashion has a lot of important travel information and lists of the best places to go.

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