Tastiest Road Trip: Culver’s Tastiest Road Trip Sweepstakes

Culvers gives you a chance to play a unique Instant Win game. You could win some great prizes and an RV. Join Culver’s The Tastiest Road Trip Instant Win Game by going to and filling out your information. Once the form is filled out, it should be sent in before the deadline. It is open to everyone over 18 who lives in the United States. Quick, before all the spots are taken or, even worse before it ends. Send in your entry and don’t miss your chance to win an RV with an ARV of $100,000 and many other Instant win prizes.

Tastiest Road Game Details

Culver Franchising System is behind the game on called Culver’s Instant Win. They do their work from LLC, 1240 Water St., Prairie Du Sac, WI 53578. Before you can play the game, you have to meet certain requirements and meet certain conditions. First, your location and age when you apply are taken into account. And secondly, you should take note of the time you have to follow to get in.

Only legal residents of the following US states can play the Culver’s The Tastiest Road Instant Win Game:















The state of North Carolina


The state of North Dakota


The state of South Carolina

The state of South Dakota






You can apply for the game if you are a legal resident of any of the following states and are at least 18 years old at the time of entry.

The game takes place at Eastern Time. So keep an eye out for the same time pattern, where the sweepstakes entry will be valid until 11:59 p.m.

How to Enter in to the Tastiest Road Trip Game?

Tastiest Road Trip

To join the game is an easy thing to do. You can either sign up online or send a letter to the right address.

Using the online method, once the sweepstakes period starts, you can go to culver’s tastiest road and fill out a form. You will need to enter your name, address, PIN code, cell phone number, and date of birth at different points in this process. When the form is all filled out, check it carefully and send it in.

Then, you can go to and enter the code you got earlier. Follow the on-screen instructions to play a game where you can win right away. During the sweepstakes, this process can only be done once per day. If you apply with your cell phone, you might have to pay extra for messages and data.

For the mailing method, the person entering must print out a paper with the following information on it

Full name

Number to call

Address for email

Mailing address

The printed information needs to be put in an envelope and the correct postage needs to be put on it. Then, the person can send it to: The Marketing Arm Inc., Attention: “Goodyear Countdown 2 the Cup Sweepstakes,” #140, 233 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452. With this method, the person will get 4 entries into the sweepstakes for every piece of eligible mail they receive.

Here, you should also remember that the sponsor is not responsible if your mail gets lost, damaged, late, miscredited, or is postage due to mail entries. Mail-in entries should have the last day of the entry period written on them and be received six days after the end of the entry period. These are the only envelopes that will count as entries during the entry period or for the Grand Prize Drawing.

How to Get a Tastiest Road Game Code: Two Ways

Tastiest Road Trip

You can get the tastiest road prize code either by making a purchase or by sending a letter asking for a promo code. You can finish the process successfully either way you choose.

1. Buy something to get a discount code.

You can use this method if you buy either a regular-sized Pepsi or a Butterburger Value basket. It needs to be done at a store that is part of the game. The purchase should also happen during the sale and before they run out of supplies. Once you finish this process and follow the rules, you will get a printed prize code for the purchase that made you eligible.

2. Send us an email asking for the tastiest road Prize Code

Here, you don’t have to buy anything from a store that is taking part. Instead, you can send your request by mail to the following address. This is done by giving information like your full name (no initials), full address (no P.O. box), age, and email address. It should be written by hand on a postcard that is 3.5 inches by 5 inches and has the right stamp.

The postcard should then be sent to “The Culver’s Tastiest Road Trip Instant Win Game Code Request, P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325.” Only a postcard should be used to send the information. Anything sent in an envelope will be thrown away.

Tastiest Road Prize Details

You can win one of two final prizes in Culver’s The Tastiest Road Trip Instant Win Game. The sweepstakes prize of an RV worth $100,000 is the biggest and most important one. Second, you will get other Win Game Prizes, which can be any of a number of things.

There is a prize for number 56 that is a $100 gift card for gas. This prize is given out through Chase Quick Pay. A 140-point prize that comes with a $50 gift card to Culver’s. The 28th prize is a cooler with an ARV of $175. A wireless speaker and charger worth $43 is one of the other 56 prizes. One thousand winners will get an 11-by-17-inch Car Decal Sheet with an ARV of $3. And finally, the 280th prize is a travel tumbler set worth $24 that comes with a 280 ticket.

Why wouldn’t you play the Culver’s The tastiest road trip instant win game when there are so many great prizes to be won? Anyone who wants to try their luck can play the game because it is so easy to join and get promo codes.

You can play this game by going to and following the instructions step by step. If you do, you could win some great prizes and gifts. Don’t keep putting it off! Try out the site by going there.

FAQ’s About Tastiest Road

What’s the prize for the road trip with the best food?

There are two levels of prizes. The first is that the grand prize is an RV worth $100,000. The second part is instant prizes, which include a $100 Gas gift card, a $50 Culver’s gift card, a cooler, a wireless speaker and charger, an 11×17 car decal sheet, and a travel tumbler set.

What is the best Road food?

It is the site where people should go to learn how to play the Culvers Tastiest Road Instant Win Game. The site will give you instructions and a form to fill out, both of which need to be filled out carefully if you want to enter.

How do I get a game code?

You can get the game code in two different ways. For the first one, you have to buy the items above from a store that is competing with yours. In order to use the second method, you have to mail your handwritten information to the address listed.

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