Mystic Falls Virginia | Where Is the Mystic Falls Virginia?

If you’re a fan of “The Vampire Diaries,” a popular show on the CW, you might have some questions about the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. To start with, is Mystic Falls real? If that’s the case, where is Mystic Falls? If you’re thinking about these questions and planning a trip to Mystic Falls, Virginia, then read on. Then wait a minute, because there’s a lot more you need to know before you go. But don’t worry, this article about Mystic Falls, Virginia, has everything you need to know.

Where Is the Mystic Falls Virginia?

mystic falls virginia

Mystic Falls was made to look like a small Georgian town, even though it wasn’t in Virginia and wasn’t a real town.

Mystic Falls, Virginia, is not a real place. But you can still take a great picture at the Covington Visitor Information Center with the real welcome sign from the show.

You have to go to Covington, Georgia, to see “Mystic Falls, Virginia” in person. Covington, Georgia was where all eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries were filmed. Fans of the show now go there to see where the show was filmed. c From Mystic Falls to Georgia tour is not hard at all. In fact, it only takes about 40 minutes to drive there. If you’re in Atlanta or the other way around, you should definitely go to Covington. There are so many amazing things to do and places to see! Scroll down to see what shows you can see in Mystic Falls.

Covington GA Where Vampire Diaries Filmed

Covington GA

Covington, Georgia has thrills and scares to give fans an inside look at the town from one of their favorite vampire TV shows. Explore Georgia says that Mystic Falls tours are run by Vampire Stalkers, who give guests special access to the places where The Vampire Diaries was filmed. The tour takes people to all the popular places from the show, like the Lockwood Mansion, the Gilbert House, and the Mystic Falls Courthouse. They also learn about what goes on behind the scenes. As The Vampire Diaries took the world by storm, people in Covington worked together to build tourism around the show’s success. The result of their work was the Mystic Grill, which is a restaurant that everyone who comes to the town should try. The atmosphere and food are both as interesting as the TV show’s plot.

Things to Do  in Covington, GA

Stop by The Mystic Grill

Mystic Grill: Virginia mystic falls

When I was in Covington, GA, one of my favourite things to do was to go to the Mystic Grill.

The inside scenes of the Mystic Grill were filmed on sound stages, but the outside scenes were shot right here at the Mystic Grill Covington.

It was really cool to sit outside here and look at Covington Square or the clock tower, like the TVD cast did many times.

you feel like you’re really in Mystic Falls.

You can also eat at the Mystic Grill, which is another great thing about it.

The southern-style food is delicious, and you can sit on the roof with a view of the town square.

The Mystic Falls Clock Tower

Mystic Falls Clock Tower

Mystic Falls Clock Tower is in Covington and is called the Historic Newton County Courthouse. This is the best place to film TVD. It is also called the Historic Newton County Courthouse. It was built in 1884. The clock tower is in a lot of TVD scenes, and the church bell inside is very important in Season 8! Because it is in the middle of the town square, there are many places to shoot from. P.S. Who could forget the scene where Katherine jumped off the clock tower?

The Gilbert House

Gilbert House

No one needs to be afraid, because the House is still standing (think back to Season 4, when Elena. Humanity has been turned off; there is a story to hide the truth. and a fire is going on.) Most people think of this as just another house. Fans of TVD, on the other hand, will know that many important scenes have taken place on the porch and inside this House!

Discretion: This is a private home where REAL people live… Stand on the sidewalk instead of going up to the front porch to give them space. When the movie stars aren’t in town, you can enjoy shopping in the historic downtown, spending the afternoon at a top-notch day spa, or eating at one of the restaurants.

The Lockwood Mansion

Here, at the Lockwood Mansion, you must be on an official Vampire Diaries tour in order to get the full Mystic Falls experience.

On our Vampire Diaries tour, we were able to go behind the gates of the Lockwood Mansion and see where so many of the great parties from the show were really held.

We even got to meet the home’s owners, who were very nice and happy to answer any questions we had.

So many important parts of the movie were shot in this backyard, and some party scenes were also shot inside the house.

Getting to see this place in person was a wonderful treat.

Mystic Falls Tours

Mystic Falls Tours are run by Vampire Stalkers for fans, by fans. From the first season to the last, guests have unmatched access to the places where “The Vampire Diaries” was filmed. The show has used Lockwood Mansion many times, and this tour is the only way to get inside the house where important scenes like the masquerade ball were filmed. The house used as the Gilbert House and the Mystic Falls Courthouse are also in the set. They work directly with the cast and crew to give real information from behind the scenes. The company also offers tours that focus on the spin-off show “The Originals.”

Don’t Forget About the Vampire Shopping from Vampire Stalkers Gift Shop

Vampire Stalkers Gift Shop

You can visit many of the places where the show was filmed, and there are also a few shops in town that sell cool Vampire Diaries stuff.

But Make sure to shop at the Vampire Stalkers gift shop after your tour. They are the best. You should check out their cast autograph wall and some really cool props from the show, in addition to clothes and other fan items.

Who wouldn’t love this cool jacket that Damon wore and that Ian signed? It’s not for sale, sorry. I don’t blame Jess for keeping that prop. I wouldn’t give it up either. In addition to the Vampire Stalkers store, there are several other cute shops around the town square. These include boutiques, jewellery, wine tasting, olive oils, and more. And a lot of good places to eat.

Go to Scoops for ice cream.

scoops Ice Cream

This ice cream tastes very good. It’s as soft as velvet, and the shop is a lot of fun. During the time that The Vampire Diaries was being filmed, the cast would often take breaks at Scoops. And if you like Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon in the show, like I do, you should try his favourite milkshake, the Banana Pudding. On this day, I had a cup of Belgian chocolate, though. Yum! Once you know where Mystic Falls is, stop by Scoops around the Covington location for a sweet treat.

There is a bed and breakfast at Twelve Oaks.

The Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Covington is an antebellum mansion from 1836 that is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a great place to stay if you want to experience Southern hospitality. People say that Ashley’s house in “Gone With the Wind” was partly based on this house. More than 90 TV and movie projects, including “The Vampire Diaries,” have been filmed here. Some of the actors and people who work on the show have also stayed here. There are spa tubs, fine Turkish linens, and a daily home-cooked breakfast, among other things.

Olde Town Conyers, where the Originals were filmed, gives you a taste of New Orleans.

Olde Town Conyers

Olde Town Conyers is full of the beautiful ironwork that has come to be associated with New Orleans. So, The Originals was filmed here for most of its five seasons. The thing I liked most about this small town was how pretty it was. It made me feel like I had somehow ended up in New Orleans. The town also has a train station, stores, and places to eat.

Walk around the Town Square.

Town Square Covington GA

Town Square is the most unique and interesting place in Mystic Falls for people who like to take pictures. This beautiful town square has been the setting for many movies and TV shows. The cast of the Netflix show Sweet Magnolias recently worked in Town Square, which is a beautiful place to visit. Now that you know where Mystic Falls is, don’t forget to stop by Town Square when you go there.

More Places to Eat in Mystic Falls

RL’s Off the Square:This was my favourite place to eat in Covington.  RL’s is a cosy place with great food and friendly service. As a main dish, I had this amazing Chicken Ettouffe. Their Gumbo was also great, and the Jalapeno Cheese Grit Cakes were our favourite.

Bradley’s BBQ is a casual restaurant with cheap and tasty BBQ. Ask them to “vamp it up!” if you order a sandwich.

Your Pie is a great place where you can make your own pizza and also get paninis, salads, beer, and wine.

Bread & Butter Bakery: Great coffee, pastries, breads, and sandwiches can be found at Bread & Butter Bakery. On both of my trips to Covington, I went to this cafe every morning.

FAQ’s on Mystic Falls Virginia

1. Is mystic falls virginia real place

Mystic Falls, Virginia, does NOT exist. What’s going on? At the Covington Visitor Information Center, you can still get a great picture with the real welcome sign from the show. In real life, you have to go to Covington, GA to see “Mystic Falls Virginia.”

2. What was filmed in Mystic Falls Virginia?

In and around town, the movies The Dukes of Hazzard, My Cousin Vinny, and In the Heat of the Night were all filmed. But now, people know Covington for another show: The Vampire Diaries on CW.

3. Where is the Salvatore house located?

Atlanta area & Covington

4. Is the Salvatore house real?

Even though the show is set in Virginia, the house used for filming is not there.

The Salvatore Boarding House is in a town called Sandy Springs, which is an hour away.

5. Can you visit the Salvatore house?

Yes you can if you are interested


There are so many things to do in Mystic Falls, Virginia. The next time I go, I want to take the tour to see where some of my favourite scenes were filmed. From the vampire diaries, I hope you have an idea of where mystic falls. As you walk around town, keep an eye out for the names of your favourite characters.

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