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Romantic Getaway: The Dos And Don’ts

Finding someone you are compatible with, and love is one of the best feelings ever. Most of us will do anything just to spend the next minute with them. A romantic getaway is thus what comes to mind especially when looking to spend more quality time with them. As special as the moment is, it only takes one mistake to ruin the moment and potentially a lifetime together. You thus want to be well versed with the dos and don’ts of a romantic getaway to make it through in one piece. Here are a few: 

The Dos: 

1. Keep The Getaway Short 

This is particularly important if it is your first time alone together or your very first romantic trip. Keep the trip just long enough to get to know each other better, and short enough to avoid uncomfortable moments. Use the first getaway as a ‘test flight’ to check for compatibility. A weekend getaway is enough to learn a lot from them. Anything longer than that may trigger high-stress levels, putting you in a bad situation. Book the perfect package deal for a romantic getaway here: and enjoy a relaxing weekend together.

2. Find A Common Interest 

Remember the getaway is meant for the both of you.  Find something you two enjoy before going ahead with the trip.  You could ask her/him about the things they like to do, or what they would want during the trip. Find common ground and base the getaway on that. 

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3. Go Somewhere New

Avoid visiting areas and places either of you have been before, but rather look to explore new places. Going to new places makes an excellent opportunity to make new memories and even better, create a foundation for your relationship.

Taking him/her to a spot you’ve been before with someone else (an ex maybe) could invoke feelings, another reason to avoid these altogether. If anything, choose the getaway together. This can be anything from a beautiful landscape, campsite, or just a simple restaurant. 

4. Manage Stress 

It is important to keep your stress levels and feelings under control. As stressful as traveling might be, keep a positive attitude throughout the journey. You should also strive to be present and enjoy the moment. should there be bursts of anxiety or stress, take a step back to reorganize yourself.

Simple exercises such as humming your favorite tune, deep breathing, and closing your eyes for a moment can help manage stress on the go. Other things such as rescue remedies and similar items can help  Planning the trip ahead of time can also help reduce your stress levels as well. Map your routine beforehand, plan the trip, and have backup coins just in case.  

5. Make The Trip, Romantic 

There are plenty of ways to make the flight romantic. The simplest way is to bring a blanket that you can share (assuming it is a long flight), cuddle, or bring a glass of wine or two. 

6. Be Unpredictable 

It is the tiny little things that count. Make the entire trip and romantic getaway by not being predictable. Be spontaneous, prepare her/his bath, order breakfast early, give him/her a massage, or just rub their feet. 

7. Be Adventurous 

While you might want to stay within your limits and comfort zone, it doesn’t hurt to be a little adventurous. Take on activities you wouldn’t normally do, such as ziplining, skiing, or even learning how to ride a horse.

Take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way and enjoy every moment of the getaway. Who knows you might be good at something you’ve never dreamt of before. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try new things. Even if the getaway doesn’t go as planned, you will still have something to remember and smile about once back home. 

8. Get Some Alone Time 

Although the purpose of the getaway was to spend more time together, consider allowing each other some time alone. This will make it easier for your brain to process everything that’s happening, and know where you stand. Allowing him/her some time alone either by the pool, the bar, or the restaurant is thus healthy for the getaway.  It also is a chance to see if you still are looking forward to spending more time together. Many are times when you’ll want to be in each other’s company, especially after a brief moment alone. 

9. Get Pampered

Who doesn’t like being pampered? Allocate a fraction of the getaway budget for some pampering; get him/her a full-body massage or even a facial. If possible, consider getting the massage or facials together. The experience will linger in your mind for a long time. 

10. Get A Souvenir

There’s no better way to make the weekend romantic getaway more memorable than get him/her a souvenir.  The only best way to do this would be to be attentive enough to see what she’s most attracted to during the trip. Most people will subconsciously mention things they would ‘die’ to have, or yearn to get. Identify something that’s within your reach, realistically, and get it for them as a souvenir.

Make sure the gift is craftily concealed and only give it to them after flying back. This is the welcome surprise he/she will not have been expecting and also tells them that you are indeed, attentive. 

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The don’ts 

Don’t Do It To Fix A Relationship

While romantic getaways are fun, they can be as stressful if with the wrong person or for the wrong reasons. You might pretend all is well during the trip, only get back to reality as soon as you get back home. Simply put, it is better to mend the relationship first before booking a romantic getaway. This will save you from lots of heartache and pain. 

Don’t Forget Your Medication

There are numerous ways that can ruin your vacation, don’t let a lack of necessary medication be among these. That said, remember to pack all pertinent medication for the trip. This is especially important if flying out of the country. 

Don’t Make A Bucket List

Romantic getaways are supposed to be short and precise. While you want to make the most out of the trip, don’t try to cram everything within the tight schedule. If possible, identify a preferred destination for both of you and plan to stay there for the rest of the weekend. Jumping from one town/city to another, destination to destination, will only leave you more tired than relaxed.  There’s always time for the next, long trip. 

Avoid Mindless Scrolling

Social media can be addictive and disruptive. Although you may want to use your phone to take memorable photos and videos or document the journey, you want to resist the urge to be on the phone all the time. Learn to keep your phone aside especially when having a conversation, at dinner, or just lazing in each other’s arms. Do not let your phone or social media rob you of such a valuable and memorable time and opportunity.

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