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The Ultimate Guide to Shoes to Wear in Winters

Winter a season we all wait for all year round, not just to be free of the unbearable summer and humid rainy season but also to take out the unique winter clothes and delectable winter shoes!

Keeping warm in the cold winter is the top concern, which can be addressed equally through stylish clothes and shoes. Along with the snug pullovers, jackets, coats, and accessories, it is also time to step out in trendy and cozy shoes for women to keep their feet warm and protected from the chill.

But more often than not, women buy many different types of shoes for the winter than is required, thereby spending more just to get by a few winter months to be stored back in mothballs for a year. Being clad in stylish shoes does not need to cause unnecessary confusion or overspending and hoarding if you know the suitable styles of winter shoes to add to your wardrobe.

Winter shoes to have in your Wardrobe


Uggs seem to have overtaken all the other winter favorites in the past few years, with many companies manufacturing these winter boots to meet the increasing demand. A snuggly pair specifically designed to keep your footsies warm and happy while you lounge around and relax. Uggs are indoor shoes initially designed for surfers to keep their feet warm on the beach and indoors after their surfing activity.

The boots are lined with soft faux fur and are neither waterproof nor built to handle the tough outdoors. A must-have for your feet, especially in India, where homes aren’t centrally heated. If you want to wear these boots outdoors, buy ugg-like boots in waterproof suede.


The trans-seasonal shoes that are a perfect companion come hail or sunshine; sneakers are comfort and care personified. Get at least two pairs of sneakers for other seasons and one for winter, preferably waterproof with a cozier lining. The waterproof sneakers for winter will also be helpful during the rainy season and on hikes and treks in the mountains. Ensure these shoes for women have soles with a good grip to avoid slipping in wet and snowy areas.

Sock boots: 

An excellent 2-in-1 design with built-in socks attached to the ankle of the boots. The top part, which looks like socks, provides added protection for the calves, making them the perfect pair for walking long distances. For a stylish effect, wear them with clothes that do not cover the shoes, like dresses or pants with a length above the ankles, or wear them with a trench coat for a fabulous look. Invest in black sock boots for a sleek and slim effect.

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Ankle boots: 

One of the most popular boots in India, the range of selection for ankle boots is extensive, including stilettos, classic style boots, block heels, flats, and more. The trendiest styles are the Chelsea and cowboy-style ankle boots, which go well with dresses, jeans, and skirts.

Snow boots: 

As the name suggests, these footwear items are designed to be worn in snow and freezing weather. Waterproof and warm, these boots are for you if you stay in hilly areas, go for a holiday in the snow-capped mountains, or are out and about in the height of the winter season. Most snow boots for city wear are ankle-high with a fleece lining and a cuff that overlaps over the ankles, adding extra warmth and allure.

Timberland-style boots: 

Originally designed to be worn in challenging terrain by construction workers and outdoors people, the shoes have become a favorite with women for their rugged warmth and sturdiness. Great pair for the outdoorsy woman on hiking trips, bikers, or simply sporting them with denim, dresses, or even tailored trouser suits.

Combat boots: 

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Tough shoes for challenging weather, combat boots like Doc Martens are available in multiple textures and features. Wearing these boots with dresses amazingly adds to the femininity instead of making women look hard, yet at the same time, they also reflect the adventurous rebel in you. These cozy shoes for women are made for walking and have the strength to walk with you for a long time.

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