Importance and Benefits of Fabric Pneumatic Bursting Tester TF142C

Poor packing can lead to product damage during transportation delivery or storage. If the primary and secondary packing of the product is not stiff enough to bear the handling condition then the product can get damaged. Thus it may reach the destination in poor condition. This finally leads to losses incurred by the manufacturer because they have to fund the compensation or give refunds or replacements. It causes not just financial loss but also loss of reputation and of further business opportunities.

Bursting strength tester

When a force is delivered to a material by placing it on a rubber diaphragm, the bursting strength tester measures the maximum force needed to cause the material to collapse. The bursting test is used to determine the bursting resistance of the papers and boards used to create various types of packaging materials. The tool is frequently used to test materials including papers, textiles, and cardboard. In this way, it is now simple for the manufacturer to assess the material’s bursting strength when making packaging boxes and bags.

Fabric pneumatic bursting tester tf142c

Pneumatic Bursting Tester, which can test knits, woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, laminated fabrics, and other types of craft materials, to evaluate their bursting pressure.

A circular clamping ring is used to secure a test specimen over an expansive diaphragm. As compressed air pressure is increased, it is applied to the diaphragm’s bottom, stretching the fabric until the test specimen ruptures.

The Bursting software displays the testing curve in real-time. The graphical touch-screen makes it simple to use the machine.

Determination of bursting strength of the fabric samples

By exerting hydrostatic pressure through a rubber diaphragm at a controlled rate, this method assesses the bursting strength of a cloth sample. A test specimen is tightly clamped between two annular clamps to reduce slippage. The bottom clamping surface features a number of concentric grooves, while the upper clamping surface, which is in contact with the test specimen, has a continuous spiral groove. When a pure black rubber circular diaphragm is clamped between a lower clamping plate and a pressure cylinder, the center of its top surface lies below the plane of the clamping surface before the diaphragm is stretched by pressure underneath it. The machine is run until the test sample ruptures, after which a test specimen of 90 mm x 90 mm dimension is placed on the bottom clamp with the area to be tested in the center. The pressure indicator can be used to determine the pressure necessary to rupture the sample.

The types of bursting strength testers

Bursting Strength Tester is available in three types:

1.         Board Tester

2.         Paper Tester Two-in-One Paper and

3.         Board Tester

The general features of bursting strength tester

1. An accurate and dependable device.

2. Built using quality materials.

3. A well-matched motor provides a steady pumping rate for greater performance and eliminates human mistakes.

4. One bottle of hydraulic fluid and three extra rubber diaphragms are included with the unit.

5. Every replaceable component is easily accessible

Benefits of bursting strength testing

The pressure under which a sheet of paper, plastic, or film will burst is known as a substance’s bursting strength. The greatest pressure exerted at a right angle to the paper’s surface is measured using this unit. An elongated, elastic circular diaphragm is used to apply pressure.

Useful as a gauge of resistance to breaking, bursting strength is influenced by the material’s scalability and tensile strength. Pounds per square inch are how it is measured.

Measuring bursting strength is advantageous since it enables manufacturers to assess the strength of the package and ensure that it is not damaged during transit. When grading the caliber of corrugated material, bursting strength value0020can be employed.

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