Complete Guide to Choose the Best Barber Chair

The barber chair is the most crucial accessory in the barbershop. A good service with a comfortable chair can increase your sales. A stylish barber chair that matches your shop’s aesthetics enhances the elegance of the shop’s space and invites more new customers to your shop.

A perfectly designed, selectively chosen best barber chair also gives ease to the barber in doing their jobs. Different types, varieties, designs, styles, and quality of barber chairs are available in the market, so here is the guide to which one is best for you. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the different types of barber chairs, their features, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What are the Different Types of Barber Chairs?

There are varied types of barber chairs each has a different style and offer unique advantages. You should look for your shop’s aesthetic and select the one accordingly. While choosing the type, consider its working mechanism to select the one you are comfortable with. Here are the different types of barber chairs.

Classic Barber Chairs 

These chairs are traditional barber chairs. You may have seen it in old-fashioned barber shops. They are usually made of metal and leather and have a reclining backrest and a footrest.

These chairs mostly use hydraulic mechanisms for adjustments. Hydraulic barber chairs are popular among barbers because they are easy to adjust and provide a comfortable working position.

Modern Barber Chairs

These chairs have a more contemporary design which features a sleek, minimalist look. They may be made of materials like chrome or fiberglass. The modern barbershop chair has additional features like a massage function or an adjustable headrest. 

Modern barber chairs can be adjusted via an electric mechanism. An electrically adjustable chair offers free and wide movement. You can adjust it up to the height of a child or an adult. 

Antique Barber Chair

An antique design barber chair is expensive and crafted with leather and wood. Antique barber chairs are often ornately designed and decorated with intricate carvings, thus giving your shop elegance. It features a swivel seat, a footrest, and a reclining backrest. 

Due to its manufacturing material, it is heavy in weight and difficult to clean and maintain. These chairs lack the modern features of a barber chair. 

All Purpose Barber Chair

These chairs offer a wide variety of services. A barber can use this chair for shaving and haircutting, and a tattoo artist or a dentist can also use it. These chairs are easy to adjust and offer free movement.

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Features of an Ideal Barber Chair


The first thing a client wants for his barber is a comfy chair. A comfortable chair at your barber shop adds a positive remark to your service. As the client has to sit on it for a long time, it must have a headrest, footrest, and backrest. 

How can you come up with a comfortable chair? You have to read the review of the previous client, visit the manufacturer’s website and check the chair material. While making a purchase, check if the chair is comfortable for you as well as if it is easy to maneuver. 


Durability is the most important feature a barber chair must have. A Barber chair is a considerable investment, so you have to select a high-quality, durable chair because a durable chair lasts longer. Varied quality barbershop chairs are available in the market, so you have to look for their manufacturing material to check their durability. For buying a durable chair, you also need to look for its hydraulic pump and check whether it is of good quality or sturdy. 

Resting Features of a Barber Chair

A reclining backrest allows the client to lie their back comfortably on a chair while the barber works on their hair.

A footrest provides added comfort for the client and helps them maintain a comfortable position throughout their haircut.

An adjustable headrest can provide added comfort for the client and make it easier for the barber to work on their hair.

Armrests can provide added support and comfort for the client and help them maintain a stable position while getting their hair cut.

Height Adjustment

barber chair


Height adjustment is a chief feature of the barbershop chair. It ensures the barber can work comfortably and reach the client’s head and face without straining.

This is important because barbers often spend long hours standing and working on clients, and if the chair is not at the correct height, they may experience neck, shoulder, or back pain.

Height adjustment is not only crucial for barbers, but this feature is necessary for clients as well. If the chair is too high, the client feels uncomfortable or unstable, which increases the risk of falls or injuries. Conversely, if the chair is too low, the client may have to hunch over or strain their neck, which could cause discomfort or pain.

Considering this importance, you should look for a barber chair whose height can be adjusted as per need.

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