Wear Takuache Haircut Without Becoming a Meme in 2023

You’ve probably seen the Takuache haircut, even if you’ve never heard of it. There is no other way to describe this obscene hairstyle. Straight, blunt bangs that reach across the head are striking and distinctive.

In the world of haircuts, Takuache, also known as the Edgar Haircut, is practically legendary. This is because of its allure and widespread acceptance as popular meme content in the pop culture sphere. If you describe someone as a versatile man, you like them because they have a wide range of abilities. One is to have a great hairstyle.

What is Takuache Hairstyle?

Takuache is more than just a hairstyle because some people consider it to be a Latino-American subculture’s way of life. In addition to being known as the Edgar haircut, this hairstyle is often referred to as Takuache, the hood bowl, and even the Cuh haircut.

What The Takuache Haircut Is So Controversial?

As I previously mentioned, the takuache hairstyle is one of the most divisive styles in the world and has been dubbed “the most loathed haircut on the internet.”

This hairstyle looks pretty different and isn’t something you see every day, which I believe is the main reason it is so divisive.

The takuache haircut’s association with a subculture that many people don’t understand or agree with may perhaps be one of the reasons it is so despised.

Regardless of the reasons, this haircut is one of the most talked-about hairstyles in the world. Both lovers and detractors of the style may be found.

Should You Get A Takuache Haircut?

My recommendation is to go for a takuache haircut if you’re considering getting one.

As we’ve previously stated, we don’t think there is such a thing as a bad haircut; what counts is that you like it and feel secure wearing it.

Don’t let the haters deter you from getting the haircut if you’re considering one. Attempt it and rock it with assurance.

20 Ideas for a Trendy Takuache Cut

To support our claims, we have compiled a list of the coolest Takuache haircuts below. Your task at this point is to thoroughly review our assortment and choose the style that best appeals to you.

1. Takuache Hairstyle with Ultra Styling

takuache haircut

Source: themensattitude.com

As you can see, the sides and back of this haircut are tapered very short, while the top is trimmed in a bowl shape. This haircut has been heavily groomed with gel, giving it a damp appearance. Although this style looks fantastic, it can be rather challenging to keep up. This is due to the fact that styling it every day requires a lot of gel.

2. Messy Waves

takuache haircut

Source: menshaircuts.com

Men with waves can style takuache hair in a variety of ways. However, wear your hair in a disheveled style if you want to give your appearance a casual and laid-back vibe. To create this style, just tousle the top strands with your hand and apply multiple coats of hairspray. This hairstyle looks amazing with a Takuache hat.

3. Traditional Takuache Haircut

takuache haircut

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

This is the most traditional type of Takuache, and it looks great on guys with short, thick hair who desire a clean, distinctive hairdo. Commonly, a Caesar cut and high fades are used to produce it.

After combing the top hair down the front, this haircut forms a straight fringe across the forehead. This style is defined by its bluntness and edginess, which is a blunt statement in and of itself.

4. Takuache Haircut Fade

takuache haircut

Source: menshaircuts.com

One of the most popular ways to wear the look is with a cut fade. The top appears even more conspicuous since the short sides gradually grow longer. Additionally, there are several varieties of fades available, like the Takuache undercut fade and the Edgar Cuh taper fade. So, there will be a style that fits everyone.

Takuache Hair System Haircut

Takuache haircuts also go well with hair systems if you are experiencing male pattern hair loss. Just putting on the hair system and giving a shave to the two sides, the toupee hair system will blend seamlessly with the natural hair. New Times Hair Hollywood lace hair system is lightweight and comfortable for the scalp. It lets the wearer feel good about themselves without worrying about discomfort or an unnatural hairline. The base is solid and strengthened by a PU perimeter around the edge. Click to explore New Times Hair men’s hair pieces options: https://www.newtimeshair.com/mens-hair-systems/

5. Takuache Haircut Mullet

takuache haircut

Source: ytimg.com

You may always combine the El Cuh haircut with other well-liked hairstyles to create a unique and modern hairstyle. Because it offers Cuh hair a distinctive appearance, a mullet is a fantastic addition to a Takuache haircut. You can even try some more challenging versions, such as a Mexican taper fade or a Takuache haircut mullet undercut.

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6. With a Green Mohawk, Takuache

takuache haircut

Source: themensattitude.com

Try a green mohawk like this one if you want to try a more extreme variation of the takuache hairstyle. The sides and rear have extremely short buzzes, as you can see. Without compromising the distinctive look, the top hair is styled in a green mohawk. Guys with round or oval faces will look nice with this hairstyle because it will lengthen their faces.

7. Takuache Bowl

takuache haircut

Source: menshaircuts.com

It is hardly surprising that the Takuache cuh haircut, which features blunt bangs across the head, has many similarities to a bowl cut. So why not combine the two to create a single edgy hairstyle? With slightly tapered sides, a bowl Takuache hairstyle looks fantastic since it maintains the attention on your face.

8. Caesar Takuache

takuache haircut

Source: menshaircuts.com

A Caesar cut and an Edgar Takuache make another great match that is always the right choice. It is advised that you shave your hairline so precisely, so you will need to visit your barber for upkeep rather frequently. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because the positive attention you’ll receive will make everything worthwhile.

9. Long Hair Takuache Haircut

takuache haircut

Source: pinimg.com

Those who dislike the takuache haircut will undoubtedly claim that it is the worst possible style to have. But in our opinion, it appears to be quite cool. As you can see, the back’s hair is left relatively long while the sides are buzzed short (mullet style). The top hair is finally in the centre and has the distinguishing bangs.

10. Bangs Takuache

takuache haircut

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

Takuache is a hairstyle that complements several different types of bangs. You have the choice of a long or short blunt bang, like the infamous Spock one.

Bangs are typically created by combing down the forehead with dense hair from the top of the head. After that, you can choose the shape of your fringe. You can choose to have a thin fringe with longer hair or a short bang with your fringe line falling somewhere between your hairline and your eyebrows.

11. For Curly Hair Takuache

takuache haircut mullet

Source: menshaircuts.com

There are no hair type constraints for the Tlacuache haircut, as we already explained. Additionally, it seems incredibly defined and textured on curly hair, which can be more challenging to achieve on, instance, straight or even wavy hair. For a crisper appearance, add a line up along the hairline.

12. Short Takuache Haircut

takuache haircut mullet

Source: menshairstyletrends.com

The wonderful thing about a Takuache hairstyle is that it doesn’t require especially long hair to pull it off. Even if your mane is extremely short, you can still look fantastic with a Cuh haircut. Just keep your sides short and your bangs straight to achieve the distinctive look.

13. Hairstyle With A Design in Takuache

takuache haircut mullet

Source: themensattitude.com

Adding a design is a contemporary take on the traditional takuache haircut. As you can see, the top is left longer like in the traditional takuache hairstyle but the sides are buzzed extremely short. The side pattern, though, is what distinguishes this hairstyle from others. The man in the image opted for a tribal-inspired pattern, but you can choose any style you like.

14. Takuache with Sporting Beard

takuache haircut mullet

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

Fashion aficionados are constantly looking for new methods to elevate their looks. By sporting a long beard, you can get this look with your Takuache haircut. But there are precise guidelines that must be observed, or else this styling attempt could go horribly wrong.

15. Short Bald Fade Takuache Haircut

takuache haircut mullet

Source: menshaircuts.com

There is no such thing as an excessive amount of daring or intensity for the Edgar hairstyle Takuache guys adore. Because of this, you shouldn’t be concerned that your Takuache haircut will look garish if you choose a short bald fade to go with it. The cut, however, comes out to be properly balanced.

16. Short Line-Up Takuache

takuache haircut mullet

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

To give your Tacuache cut additional focus and definition, add a brief lineup. It provides the haircut a sharp aspect and makes it easier to maintain. As a result, don’t be afraid to wear it with a well-groomed beard that might also have a line-up.

17. Takuache to the Sides

takuache haircut mullet

Source: twimg.com

If you want a more refined version of the takuache haircut, you might try this look. As you can see, the top hair is done to the side, and the sides are tapered short with a high taper fade. If you want a more sophisticated version of the takuache haircut or simply don’t like the bangs, this is an excellent option. You should keep in mind that this look requires daily styling and is not a low-maintenance alternative.

18. For Curly Hair Takuache

takuache haircut mullet

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

Finding it difficult to style your curly hair? Given that it helps the hair to retain its natural qualities, this won’t prevent you from getting a fantastic Takuache haircut.

You can use a variety of techniques to achieve a better result with this hairstyle depending on the intensity of your curls. For instance, instead of creating a clean fringe line, if you have strong curls you should opt for a skin fade on the sides and allow the top hair fall down on the front.

19. Natural Takuache

takuache haircut mullet

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

In order to achieve this hairstyle, you don’t necessarily need to organise your hair rigorously like you would with Takuache. Instead, you can style your hair in accordance with the natural shape of your hair.

You can wear it even if some people might not recognise it as a Takuache hairstyle owing to its divergence from the regular patterns. It supports the Takuache aesthetic while enhancing your natural appearance by taking into account the patterns in your hair.

20. Long Takuache Haircut Mullet

takuache haircut mullet

Source: menshaircuts.com

The mullet and the takuache, two of the most despised hairstyles, meet here.

As you can see in the picture, the top hair is left longer than the sides, which are extremely shortly tapered. But the long back hair is what distinguishes this haircut (mullet style).

This is a striking hairstyle that you will either adore or detest, I’m sure of it.

FAQ on Takuache Haircut

1. Why do they called Takuache?

While “takuache” is the Spanish word for “opossum,” it is also the name given to contemporary cowboys. Taquache lads have distinctive fashion sense that may be identified by their bootcut jeans, fitted headwear, and gold chain jewellery.

2. How can Takuache be cut?

First and foremost, you must locate a skilled barber who can give you a takuache haircut. Once you have located a skilled barber, let him or her know what you require, and they will handle the rest. The most effective technique to do that is to provide a photo of the desired takuache haircut to them.

3. What is the name of the Takuache haircut?

The Takuache haircut is another name for this design. Additionally, you might have heard mentions of the Cuh haircut or just a straightforward hood bowl.

4. What is a Takuache Cuh?

Takuache and Cuh are the two words that make up the phrase “Takuache Cuh.” A Takuache is a man wearing square-toed boots, bootcut pants, and a fitting hat in Mexican American society. He also like accessorising with gold chains to complete his ensemble. The place where you’ll most likely find him is baile dancing. Slang for cousin is cuh. But Takuache boys refer to their pals in that way.

5. Why is the Edgar cut so well-liked?

Because people enjoy trying new things and there is a lot of talk surrounding the Edgar haircut, it is quite well-liked. Additionally, it is a very low-maintenance haircut that is simple to style.

Last Thoughts

Takuache was originally popular among Latino guys, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn by anyone else. Nothing else should really matter if you feel this style is a good fit for you.

Takuaches are low-maintenance, easy-to-achieve hairstyles that almost anyone can pull off. To top it off, you can modify the style by adding some personal touches, which opens up endless possibilities and unique results.

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