Olivine Pools Maui | Attraction & Safety Guide 2023

Many people consider swimming in a hot spring or natural pool a must-do activity. There are many options on Maui. The most visited spot is the Olivine Pools. These stunning tidepools are located at the ocean’s shoreline, amongst lava rock.  Although they can be difficult to reach and dangerous, it is possible to enjoy the pools from afar if you observe our safety tips.

This site has become a popular attraction due to the constant stream of rental cars that pass through it, as well as ample parking.

Why Are Olivine Pools So Famous?

Olivine Pools are famous for the below-listed sightseeing and activities.

  • The Blowhole
  • The Waihee Ridge Trail
  • Hiking the Ohai Trail
  • Honolua Bay
  • Nakalele Point

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Olivine Pools Maui
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Olivine Pools Maui
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It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk/hike down the rocky cliff sides from the parking lot to reach the Olivine pools. Expect crowds If you arrive very early or late in the afternoon.
You have several options for getting to the tidepools. A sign will be posted indicating the danger in the area. Follow the signs. It will only be lava rock trails once you have cleared the brush. Choose a route and start to descend. There are many ways to go down. Just choose the one that feels safe and most comfortable.
Keep a record of the way you came down to be able to return the same route. Do not make the same mistake as us and hike up and back down several times to find the right path through the brush.
You should not enter the pools if waves are coming at you from any direction. Even though most waves seem to sweep you away, they do happen and it is very serious.
It is important to have a plan B in case the pools become unsafe. You can find many fun activities nearby to keep you safe while still enjoying Maui’s beauty.


Beach Roads Maui
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Beach Roads Maui
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The Maui Olivine pools are located on West Maui’s backside. The tide pools are about 50 minutes North of Lahaina town or a half-hour if you are staying up North already in Kapalua at an elegant resort.

To begin the short hike to the Olivine Pools, park just after mile marker 40 on Highway 30. If you are coming from the south side then you can use Mauka Parking which will be on the right-hand side of the road, just after passing the rock makai(left) side of the road.

You will miss the parking area after the afternoon as there will be many cars parked alongside the road.

Bring valuables from your car along to the pools because the parking area is a hot spot for thieves. They will break or smash the glass of your car and steal valuables.

It is possible to avoid crowds if you arrive early, around 7 a.m. or late in the afternoon. This is an advantage. Great spot to capture the sunrise on West Maui. 


Olivine Pools Maui
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Olivine Pools Maui
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 It is best to visit the beach in summer (early September through June) as large waves are rare. Winter is when most Olivine Pool deaths take place. While this doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t still be some exceptions in the summer but it can be a good rule of thumb.

Before entering Maui tide pools, or the ocean generally, it is important to check the surf report. As the waves are usually flat, it is very rare to see large waves on Maui in the summer. There are very rare instances when there is big surf up North during the summer. Therefore, it is worth checking the surf report. You can say it is a mandatory action before coming here.

The North shore has bigger surf in the winter months (November-April). Sometimes, larger “rogue waves” can occasionally appear if there is moderate surf. Large waves smash into the lava rocks walls and then sweep past the standers to the open ocean, where there is a strong rip current.

No matter how close you are to the waves, it is always dangerous. The strong current can make it difficult to return to safety after being dragged across the lava rock.

So we want you to be careful about this.

Important Safety Tips When Visiting Olivine Pools

Maui’s raw beauty is breathtaking. But It is not worth risking your health. Many people have been injured and even killed at the Olivine Pools. Rogue waves can be common so it is important that you are aware of these dangers and take precautions when entering them. These are some guidelines to be aware of:

  • Always verify the surf report.
  • Never be too close to a crashing wave.
  • Do not enter the ocean without knowing the currents and the sets of waves.
  • Simply observe and keep a reasonable distance.

Olivine Pools Death: Are the Olivine Pools safe? 

A man from Utah was drowned in the Olivine Pools in 2017 and his body wasn’t recovered. SFGate.com ranked the Olivine Pools as one of Hawaii’s most threatening places. The Pools are located on a rocky point, where waves often crash into the walls and that is a really tough situation to swim in.

Few More Photo’s Of Olivine Pools Maui Photos

Olivine Pools Maui
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Olivine Pools Maui
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Olivine Pools Maui
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Olivine Pools Maui
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Olivine Pools Maui
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