Travel Tips for Malaysia – What to Pack and Other Considerations

Are you looking forward to visiting Malaysia in the coming time? If yes, you should know their climatic conditions, cuisine, traditions and visa requirements. Here are some travel tips to help you effectively plan your vacation to Malaysia.


Before checking the brochures of Malaysia, there are a few things to consider. Malaysia is an Islamic nation with tropical weather conditions, which may differ from your home country.

West Malaysia includes major locations such as Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and more. Some places in East Malaysia, such as Kelantan and Kedah, are conservative and do not have a proper tourist infrastructure, while some places, like Sarawak and Sabah, offer eco-tourism.

So, it is essential to consider these things before planning your trip.


Most countries get a 90-day visa on arrival in Malaysia, so travellers don’t have to apply for visas in advance. However, once the 3-month period expires, you can leave the country for a day or two and then re-apply.

However, if your country passport needs a visa, it is essential to apply for one from your home country, and once it is approved, you can plan your trip.


Malaysia is an affordable location to travel to compared to Western places. Depending on your travel itinerary and luxury level, you can expect your expenses to run from $50 to $250 per day, including dining, lodging and travelling.

The best advice here is to prepare your travel itinerary and look out for travel and admission fees for all the locations. Having a to-do list and a major things-to-do list in hand can help you draft a budget more easily.


While some people find travel insurance a must, others don’t. The risk of visiting Malaysia without travel insurance is the same as travelling elsewhere. You may find small-level crime spread across the major cities; hence, protecting yourself against loss and theft is a good decision.

Another insurance-relevant tip is to go for flight insurance. Often, you may experience delays in connecting flights. With flight insurance, you can get a refund of your ticket.


The climatic condition of Malaysia is hot, humid and somewhat rainy. Malaysia doesn’t have a separate wet and dry weather, unlike the other countries of the world. It can rain any time of the year, usually in the afternoon and evening. The days are hot, sticky and humid.

However, some parts of Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur, experience differential rainfall between November and March. So, it is essential to plan your trip accordingly.


Malaysia Food
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Malaysia is known for its affordable and delectable food. Sometimes, a meal will not cost you more than a few dollars. Moreover, you have a long list of food options to choose from, ranging from Indian, Chinese and Malay, along with international dishes. So, you can try and enjoy as many options as you want.

However, eating street food may slightly risk your hygiene. Hence, judging the stall’s hygiene before ordering your food is essential.
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Things to pack

Bagpack ideas
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Because Malaysia is a tropical nation, it is essential to wear breathable, light and comfy clothes. You may not feel good wearing jeans and sticky clothes. Similarly, shorts may not be your best friend as they will likely cause sunburn or tanning. It is essential to include light bottoms, light t-shirts, beachy shirts, sandals, and hats. Keep your comfort as your top priority and look your best.

The next thing that you should pack is an insect repellent. You will find mosquitos all around; hence, it is essential to use mosquito repellent as and when you need it.

If you plan to visit the jungles and rural areas of Malaysia, you must carry over-the-counter medication and painkillers. However, speaking to a local doctor before consuming any medication is always suggested.


So, if you’re planning to visit Malaysia, it is essential to consider these tips in mind. Ensure you stay safe and make the most of your time, money and holiday. Enjoying a holiday in Asia differs from having a vacation in other parts of the world. Feel to experience the best of the Asian culture by enjoying food, shopping and traditions and make your trip unforgettable. At last keep visiting Travel World Fashion for more such interesting content.
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