56 Trending Wolf Haircut Ideas to Try Out in 2023

In a nutshell, the wolf cut is a hybrid of the mullet and the shag, two of the most trendy and in-demand hairstyles right now. The wolf haircut, which supposedly originated in South Korea, consists of many thick, shaggy layers up top and shorter, wavy hair at the ends.

The wolf cut was a staple of the disco era of the 1970s. It first appeared in 2021. The long hiatus caused by COVID-19 is finally ending, and life is returning to normal. The wolf haircut shot to fame after it was adopted by Monica from Friends. Since then, wolf haircuts for women have become extremely popular.

Would you dare to wear such a radical new hairstyle? Check out the most outstanding examples of the wolf cut to date for ideas.

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Wolf Haircut Ideas for Women to Rock

1. Classic Wolf Cut

Wolf Haircut

Source: hairstyles.com

The classic wolf cut features long, choppy layers, a heavy curtain bang, and lots of texturized height at the crown. This messy, tousled look is so effortless and cool.

2. Short Hair Wolf Haircut

Wolf Haircut

Source: fashionterest.com

Wolf cuts are pure happiness for people with short hair. All you lovely women with short hair, the experts say you should try out the wolf haircut. For short hair, try a style inspired by female wolves.

3. Long Textured Wolf Haircut

Wolf Haircut

Source: glamour.com

You’ve probably heard of or seen the wolf cut trending on social media, and for good reason: this stylish and daring haircut is highly regarded. Though it can be done on any length of hair, this style really shines when applied to longer locks, giving them a textured, undone look with fewer harsh transitions.

The wolf cut can also be subtled by having long hair, as the top and bottom layers will blend together better. The look is purposefully untidy, but you still need to style your hair, which is much simpler if your locks have a natural wave or curl to them.

4. Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair

Wolf Haircut

Source: hadviser.com

The best choice for straighter, thicker hair is a style that combines a heavy, stacked fringe with heavily layered, mullet-like ends. Add dimension and movement to your hairstyle by highlighting the cut’s texture with bright, piece highlights.

5. Chin-Length Wolf Cut

Wolf Haircut

Source: youprobablyneedahaircut.com

This shorter take on the trendy wolf cut is a great option for those who prefer to dry their hair naturally. The top is choppy and the layers are short, while they get longer as you move down. The full fringe at the front is the finishing touch.

6. Wolf Cut for Curled Hair

Wolf Haircut

Source: hadviser.com

Many women with curly hair never venture beyond their go-to style. Curly hair, however, works wonderfully with the wolf tail style. Piling up the top layer of hair is a very noticeable choice for this. Reduce the length of the bottom ones first. Curling the hair of a woman with a wolf cut is not nearly as difficult as you may think. A better wolf cut couldn’t be found.

7. Wolf Haircut with Messy Curtain Bangs

Wolf Haircut

Source: pinimg.com

Since the wolf haircut became popular on TikTok, it has spread like wildfire, and rightfully so. To begin with, it’s adaptable, looking good on hair of all lengths and textures. It works wonderfully for adding body and motion to your hair. To achieve an air of effortless cool, you should go for a deliberately messy and unstyled appearance. The fringe can be styled however you like, and curtain bangs are a great way to personalise the cut.

With these bangs, your face will be framed like a window with a curtain. Hairstyles that use them, whether they’re long, short, full, or wispy, can completely change your appearance and draw attention to your best features.

8. Long Layered Wolf Cut

Wolf Haircut

Source: tattooedmartha.com

We adore this long and layered cut, which doubles the wolf haircut’s popularity by virtue of its bright and juicy purple hue. Get the authentic messy wolf haircut by applying texturizing cream and styling with a round brush.

9. Shaggy Wolf Cut

Wolf Haircut

Source: netdna-ssl.com

To keep the volume concentrated at the top, the ends of this shoulder-length style are thinned out. The outcome is a pretty haircut that plays up the textured, dishevelled ends without looking too out-there.

10. Deep Mullet Wolf Haircut

Wolf Haircut

Source: thecoolist.com

Consider giving the deep Mullet Wolf Cut female a try if you want a messy, difficult haircut style. One of the most captivating and exciting wolf haircuts is this one. Add long layers at the hairline to your fashionable mullet. This will improve your overall appearance in addition to giving you a wolf cut. You should definitely try this wolf cut haircut if you have long, curly hair.

11. Bleached Blonde Wolf Haircut

wolf cut haircut

Source: thetrendspotter.net

For showcasing your hair structure and emphasising your preferred cut, bleached blonde hair works best. When worn with bleached hair, a current style like the wolf cut, which mixes the shag and the mullet, will draw attention to the choppy layers. This colour seems artificial with a subtle yellow tinge but is perfect for people who want to stand out.

Additionally, you can style it with curtain bangs for a cute and modern look that will highlight your facial features. The main drawback is that bleach can cause harm, therefore it’s critical to work with a qualified colorist to reduce any harm. 

12. Short Wolf Cut with Vivid Color Bangs

wolf cut haircut

Source: tattooedmartha.com

Give your locks a new, contemporary shape with this shaggy wolf cut since Bob is no longer an option. You are prepared for the next summer by asking your hairstylist for some colour accents to frame your face.

13. Tamed Wolf Cut

wolf cut haircut

Source: unileverservices.com

With the short layers beginning lower down on the hair shaft, this wolf cut is a little more subdued. As a result, the top has less oomph but still has a wild, carefree appearance. This version is ideal if you’re concerned that the traditional wolf cut is a little too much for everyday wear.

14. Soft Trails of Wolf Cut 

wolf cut haircut

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

Your face’s sudden change can be unacceptable at times. If you choose, soft trails appear ideal and suitable for beginners. For wolf haircuts, it is advised to always experiment with soft tails. Professionals claim that soft trims on smooth trail wolf cuts make them hard to spot. This is the ideal method for rocking the new haircut. You could emulate these wolf cut hairstyles.

15. Choppy Layered Wolf Haircut

wolf cut haircut

Source: hairstyles.com

The wolf cut is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for ideas for your next cool hairstyle. The style, which combines a shag and a mullet, gives hair of all lengths a heavily textured, cool finish. The way the hair falls around the face can also frame it, which is incredibly appealing. The hair has movement and volume thanks to the choppy layers. With a contemporary twist, this edgy appearance is reminiscent of rock stars from the 1970s and 1980s.

16. Textured Blonde Wolf Haircut

wolf cut haircut

Source: pinimg.com

We suggest using some volumizing mousse or spray and blow drying your hair with your head downward to achieve this unruly, tousled wolf hairstyle. In order to highlight your natural texture, use some root powder.

17. Sleek Wolf Cut

wolf cut haircut

Source: thecoolist.com

An intriguing twist on the style is this sleek, straightened wolf cut! You can always choose this sleek, straightened look if you don’t want to wear waves or curls every day. To achieve this appearance, simply flat iron your layers (be sure to use heat protectant!) and slightly tuck the ends under.

18. Ultimate Wolf Haircut

wolf cut haircut

Source: shorthairstyles.com

The ideal wolf hairstyle includes a substantial amount of shaggy layers. The ultimate shaggy layers required for the wolf cut hairdo require good carrying skills. Girls can imitate these incredible wolf cut female hairstyles. You will rock the new appearance if you are willing to take on the task. To wear the most difficult wolf cut hairstyle, you must have a lot of confidence. Are you prepared for this challenge, then?

19. Medium Length Blue Hair

wolf cut haircut

Source: shorthairstyles.com

Bright hair colours are the best way to express oneself, after all. The colour blue will draw attention to you and help you stand out from the crowd. Who wouldn’t want to convey these feelings through their hair? It is also related to freedom, tranquillity, and creativity.

You can also have fun and display your playful side by dying your hair an odd colour. A wolf cut is what you need if you want a style that goes well with your daring hair colour choice. It is richly layered, edgy, and effortlessly stylish, and your colour choice can emphasise these qualities even more. You can create the wolf haircut on hair of any length and thickness, and it will give you volume and movement.

20. Bright Ginger Wolf Haircut

wolf cut haircut

Source: shorthairstyles.com

This wolf cut borrows more from the shag cut than the mullet and has heavy curtain bangs and thick, jagged layers. It looks just perfect with the fiery scorched orange hair colour.

21. Coily Wolf Cut

how to style a wolf haircut

Source: hairstylesfeed.com

Due to its self-supporting nature, coily hair may effortlessly pull off the tapered wolf cut. To balance the look and beautifully frame your face, add short bangs!

22. Rainbow Wolf Haircut

wolf haircut female

Source: allure.com

There aren’t many hairstyles that are as expressive as choosing a rainbow head of hair. Because of the punk movement, this hairstyle has been popular since the 1970s and has subsequently evolved to have a more contemporary look. It blends several colours to resemble a rainbow.

As created on all lengths and haircuts; a wonderful option to compliment the edginess of the style is to check out the current wolf cut. This style combines a mullet and a shag, with longer layers in the back and shorter layers on top to add volume. You can strategically apply your colour so that it either highlights the choppiness of the cut or frames the face.

23. Super Shaggy Wolf Cut

wolf haircut female

Source: hairstyles.com

Wolf cuts can have any hair length, but long hair appears exceptionally epic in this style. Longer layers and shaved bangs create the ideal face framing and highlight your best features.

24. Daring Two Tone Wolf Haircut

wolf haircut female

Source: citizenside.com

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off the two-tone haircut and is not for the timid. You can use any combination of colours you like, from earthy brown and blonde tones to eye-catching bright and vibrant hues. You can also play about where the colours used; for example, a wolf cut might have one colour on top of the head and another on the bottom.

The cut is broader, with longer layers at the bottom and shorter, jagged layers on top. The proper colour scheme may highlight the cut even more, giving you an effortlessly cool appearance.

25. Edgy Wolf Cut with Heavy Bangs

wolf haircut female

Source: hairstyles.com

The wolf cut might suit your hair type, even if it is pin straight. The wolf hairstyle is a terrific technique to give this hair type some body and texture because it tends to lie flat and look lifeless.

26. Long Wavy Wolf Cut

Long Wavy Wolf Cut
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWGiY6PgI3o/

This soft form of the wolf cut is great for thick, coarse, naturally wavy hair. It has a lot of body and structure and is easy to keep up because all you need is a little sea salt spray or curl-enhancing serum.

27. Multi-Layer Wolf Cut Hair in Sunshine Yellow

Multi-Layer Wolf Cut Hair in Sunshine Yellow
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/jhair_stylist/

Want a bombshell haircut for the summer? Put together a trendy haircut and a bright, sunny color, and it will look like flames are dancing around your face.

28. Blended Wolf Haircut with Curly Hair

Blended Wolf Haircut with Curly Hair

The wolf haircut is flexible and can be done on all lengths and types of hair. Curly hair is great because it is already full and has a lot of movement, which goes well with the cut’s layers. It also gives you a more blended and understated look because the curls soften your look. If your hair is straight, the choppy layers will stand out more. Wear the cut with bangs that gently fall across your face. This will soften your face and draw attention to your best features.

29. Vintage Blowout Wolf Cut

Vintage Blowout Wolf Cut

A haircut with strands that are brushed outward and a full fringe can be worn at any time of the year. This thick and lively wolf cut is sure to get you the attention you need.

30. Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers

Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers

The wolf cut works for most hair types, but it looks best on hair that is thick. If you have short, choppy layers at the top, the ends of your fine hair may look flat and lack volume.

31. Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut

You can try this unique wolf cut, called the Korean wolf cut, if you like soft cuts with round layers. Long curtain bangs and a long, sweeping fringe give it a soft feel. Girls with thick, straight hair look great in this.

32. Sassy Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Double Contrast.

Sassy Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Double Contrast
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/classiclois_hairstylist/

It’s hard not to notice how this bold cyan accent pops against the silver hair, but we also love how the strong fringe and soft layers create another contrast.

33. Medium Length Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

Medium Length Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

What better way to show who you are than by having brightly colored hair? Blue hair is a color that will make you stand out and get people’s attention. It is also linked to feelings of calmness, freedom, and creativity, and who wouldn’t want their hair to reflect these feelings? You can have fun and show the world your playful side by dying your hair a color that isn’t natural to you. A wolf cut is what you need if you want a cut that goes with your bold choice of hair color. It has a lot of layers, is edgy, and looks naturally cool. The color you choose can make it stand out even more. You can get the wolf haircut on hair of any length or thickness, and it will give you volume and movement.

34. Wolf Cut With Purple Highlights

Wolf Cut With Purple Highlights
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/hoshiyuta/

The bangs and strands of hair that are brushed inward create a soft look that frames the face and makes the wide face look slimmer and longer. This shows how a wolf cut would look on straight hair that is fine.

35. Gorgeous Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

Gorgeous Blue Hair with Wolf Cut

What are the best ways to use fun hair styles to show who you are? You can stand out from the crowd by wearing bright blue and getting a wolf cut. This color is also linked to peace, imagination, and independence.

36. Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

You’ll be glad to hear that wolf cut hairstyles are pretty flexible, so you can try this trend no matter what your face shape or hair type is. This choice is pretty cute, but you can make it edgier by giving the top a little bit of a messy look and adding longer layers with choppy ends.

37. Chunky Wolf Cut on Brown Hair

Chunky Wolf Cut on Brown Hair

With a lot of pieces around the face, this hairdo takes a thick, bulky mane and turns it into a beautiful frame for the strong bone structure.

38. Fiery Red Hair with Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Fiery Red Hair with Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Red hair is bright and bold, which makes it a great way to draw attention to your cut and structure. Red hair looks good with even the basic styles, but it goes especially well with a daring cut like the wolf cut. You’ll be able to see the choppy layers better, and you can wear your hair long or short, based on what you like. You can also add bangs or a fringe to soften your look, like face-framing curtain bangs or a thin fringe.

39. Layered Wolf Cut With Rainbow Streaks

Layered Wolf Cut With Rainbow Streaks

This season, this is a cool look to show off. The soft rainbow lines go well with the black hair, and the sharp layers give off a sense of boldness and chutzpah.

40. Razored Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Razored Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Do you feel like your hair is very fine and lacks volume? If so, you should get a razor wolf cut girl’s haircut. This cut will give your thin hair so much volume and body, and it will look heavy and stacked.

41. Stylish Shaggy Wolf Cut for Short Hair

Stylish Shaggy Wolf Cut for Short Hair

Are you ready to try something new with your usual haircut? How about switching from your basic lob hairstyle to something hot and edgy, like this gorgeous wolf cut? This short shag cut has a beautiful pattern that will help you stand out.

42. Ethereal Short Wolf Cut with Highlights

Ethereal Short Wolf Cut with Highlights

If you don’t want to look too harsh with the cut, ask your hairdresser for a smaller cut and have it highlighted to make it look airy.

43. Thick Fringe and Wolf Cut

Thick Fringe and Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a haircut that works for both men and women and is great for showing off your natural hair texture. It can be done with hair of any length and can be changed to fit your tastes. You could try out different colors or fringes. If you have thick hair, you might want to keep some of the thickness on top of your head, including in your fringe. The thin, chopped-up layers on the bottom half of the head can stand out against a fringe with more definition. The wolf cut is good for thick hair because it works well with the heavy layers and takes away bulk and weight. The cut is appealing because it looks messy and undone, giving you a laid-back look. Plus, it has a cool vibe that just comes with it.

44. Neon Pink Shaggy Wolf Cut

Neon Pink Shaggy Wolf Cut

This one is for those who like to take risks. The shaggy wolf cut in bright neon pink is perfect for making a big change. If “new year, new me” is something you want to do, this haircut will help you do it better than anything else.

45. The Cropped Short Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

The Cropped Short Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

This wolf cut girl style will change everything for girls with curly hair. Because this hairdo didn’t focus on the crown area, the ringlets fall right where they should. So, try this short wolf cut if you have medium-length curly hair.

46. Warm Blonde Wolf Pixie Cut

Warm Blonde Wolf Pixie Cut

With this enormous pixie wolf haircut, you can turn your thick, thick mane into a beautiful, delicate frame for your face. Choose light hair colors or highlights to give your new short haircut a light, airy feel.

47. The Wolf Cut for Long Hair Is Mesmerizing

The Wolf Cut for Long Hair Is Mesmerizing

The layers of these golden blonde locks are carefully cut to leave longer ones on the crown and shorter ones around the face.

48. Wolf Cut for Women Over 30: Stylish

Wolf Cut for Women Over 30: Stylish

If you’re a woman over 30 and want a low-maintenance hairdo, try the classy wolf cut! We’re talking about the wolf cut girl h with a soft baby fringe, which gives your hair a lot of volume and body while staying low-maintenance. You can wear this hairstyle every day and always look great.

49. Wolf Cut with Layers and Bangs

Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs

Do you want something girly and a little bit rude? If your hair doesn’t move much, this wolf haircut might be great for you. Use a texturizing spray to get this easy style again and give your choppy layers some life.

50. The Wolf Cut from the 1970s with Curtain Bangs

The ’70s Inspired Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

The hairdo has flirty pieces around the face like Farrah Fawcett’s and a long fringe that is split down the middle, but it still looks undone and modern.

51. Dirty Blond Wolf Cut

Dirty Blonde Wolf Cut

It’s time to move on from the boring golden blonde and try the girl-next-door-friendly dirty blonde. This fun twist on the basic blonde color looks great with any haircut, even the wolf cut.

52. Wolf and Dog Haircut

Wolf and Dog Haircut

Here’s another kind of wolf cut for curly hair on a girl. The mixed soft wolf haircut is what people call it. This cut looks best on people with curly hair because it gives them volume, a lot of movement, and a more natural look.

53. Cute Shag Haircuts for Straight Hair

Cute Shag Haircut for Straight Hair

If your hair is thin on top and thick on the bottom, you need a style like this wolf cut that gives the crown a lot of body and the ends a light feel. For a finished look, add chunky pieces and choppy micro fringe to your shaggy hairstyle.

54. Layered Ash Blonde Cut for Medium Hair

Layered Ash Blonde Cut for Medium Hair

If you want your hair to look thicker, you don’t have to get a classic wolf cut. Longer choppy layers and curtain bangs will also do the trick. If you want your hair color to have more depth and texture, choose an ashy blonde shade that goes well with shadow roots.

55. A wolf cut with crazy bangs and ends that stick out

Wolf Cut with Crazy Bangs & Flipped Out Ends

You can get a lot of hot wolf cut girl hairstyles. Take this one as an example: it has shag-style bangs. For more excitement, you can also get a thick fringe instead of simple bangs.

56. Modern Mullet for Brown Hair That Stands Out

Striking Modern Mullet for Brown Hair
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQwsg7grU44/

The wolf cut is a popular style that has caught the attention of fashionistas all over the world. If you want to try this look, you can use this picture as a guide. With a thin finish, this haircut will look airy and otherworldly, and its owner will feel like a cool girl.


1. What is a Wolf Haircut?

The well-known wolf haircut girl combines two different hairstyles. The two main combinations that make up the wolf hairstyle are the shaggy cut and the mullet cut. Even though this hairstyle is a touch unkempt, it still manages to look interesting and lovely.

2. How to Style a Wolf Haircut?

While every person’s hair is unique, styling a wolf haircut isn’t that challenging. In any case, you should add volume and highlight the hair’s texture. After it air dries, a nice leave-in conditioner adds volume and a seaside vibe.

3. How Much Does a Wolf Haircut Cost?

Typically, a wolf haircut will cost you between $80 and $120. In all honesty, this is a fair price considering the calming and revitalising hair wash, the brand-new haircut, and the flawless hairstyle. You are being charged a reasonable fee if your payment falls within this range.

4. How to Maintain Wolf cut?

A wolf cut is an uncomplicated, effortlessly cool style. Its widespread acceptance attributed, in part, to the layers’ intentional unevenness, which leaves an opportunity for error. Although you should seek the assistance of a professional hairstylist for the greatest results, it may also be trimmed at home and styled to look undone and sloppy.

5. Can Someone with Thin Hair Get a Wolf Cut?

Although thin hair can also be styled into a wolf cut, thick hair works best. It will generate volume and the appearance of thickness. The volume and length are concentrated at the top of the head, and the cut progressively gets shorter toward the ends to achieve this.

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