Best 11 Nude Beaches in California To Visit in 2024

There’s no question that California has some of the world’s best beaches. The Pacific coast is over 800 miles long and has many stretches of golden sand and well-known surf places. 

People in half of the United States think that all California beaches are full of naked people with long hair. Sadly, that’s not true. That’s why we made this list of California’s best beaches for being a beach bum and showing off your beach bum.

There is a lot of privacy at nude beaches in California because they are often farther away and in “hard-to-get-to” spots. These are top 11 nude beaches in California, ranging from places where you can walk on the sand without any clothes on.

10+ Top Nude Beaches in California

Are there nude beaches in California, my answer is yes, check out the best collection listed by me.

1. Baker Beach, San Francisco

nude beaches in california

Baker Beach, located between San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge to the north, is an 800-metre-long flat area of golden sand.

This location is wheelchair accessible, gets packed on sunny days in the city. With few shops and refreshments nearby, it’s recommended to bring a picnic to eat at the public picnic tables and grills at the eastern end of the parking lot. There are also restrooms.

Baker Beach is not suitable for swimming due to the prevalence of rip currents and the cold water.

2. Black’s Beach, San Diego

nude beaches in california

You should park at the Torrey Pines Gliderport and walk hundreds of feet to the black sand beach below. 

From the trailhead, you can head left to where hundreds of surfers enjoy some of California’s best waves, or you can head north to where other nudists have built up beach camps. This nude beach in California is nudist-friendly, most people congregate north of the trailhead. 

On a hot sunny weekend, the nudist end of the beach can become congested with hundreds of nudists enjoying the lovely weather, so don’t anticipate much solitude.

When you’re not naked, rent a paddleboard from Everyday California and explore the incredible sea caves off the world-renowned La Jolla Cove.

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3. Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach

nude beaches in california

We recommend Pirate’s Cove for those of you who like to let it all hang out in a bit more solitude. It’s a clothing-optional beach with rocky caverns, soft sand, and nudists eager to unwind and swim naked in the sea. 

If you’re new to nudity, this is a wonderful place to start because it attracts both full nudists and those who merely want to reveal a bit. 

To get to Pirate’s Cove, travel down Cave Landing Road and proceed down to the beach, which is located between Avila Beach and Shell Beach.

4. Crater Beach, Sand City

nude beaches in california

Just a few miles north of the picturesque town of Carmel, you’ll find this really odd beach, which has a large hole in the dunes with some steep (and not-so-steep) sand rising above it so you can slide or jump down into the “crater” which has to be more fun if you’re naked, right? Because, yeah, this beach is also unclothed.

Look for the gate next to the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail and hop over it (there’s a private property sign, but no one enforces it) or go north from Sand City Beach.

5. Bonny Doon Beach, Davenport

nude beaches in california

Bonny Doon Beach is a beautiful nude beach cove surrounded by steep cliffs and flower-covered slopes that form a natural amphitheater.

It is part of Coast Dairies State Park and is located just off the Cabrillo Highway near Bonny Doon Road in Santa Cruz. There is free parking but no facilities. The paved parking area is open from 8 a.m. to sunset, although it fills up quickly. Walking across the train tracks and down one of the steep and treacherous routes leads to the beach.

Bonny Doon Beach is a well-known clothing-optional region, and naturists are normally restricted to the beach’s more remote north end.

6. Red Rock Beach, San Francisco

nude beaches in california

Red Rock Beach in San Francisco is one of the nicest nudist beaches in California. It’s home to a fun-loving mix of people who are frequently looking to play beach sports in their underwear — and because to the sociable atmosphere, you’re likely to make a few friends while here. It’s adjacent to family beaches, so double-check that you’ve arrived at the correct beach before stripping naked.

7. 2222 Beach, Santa Cruz (also known as Pyramid Beach)

nude beaches in california

This beach has been a safe haven for nudists for many years and is somewhat of a Santa Cruz open secret. It’s a beautiful (and very private) area to spend some time naked close to the waves, hidden beneath the residential neighborhood and accessible by a winding route. 

Be warned that non-nude beachgoers may pass by, but the nudity is generally tolerated and you should have no difficulties. 

The general rule is to check the area before removing your clothes. You’re safe if there are other nudists around. If you feel like you’re the only one wearing it all, it’s probably time to go all the way down to San Diego’s Black’s Beach to feel truly welcomed. 

8. Hole-in-the-Wall Beach, Santa Cruz

nude beaches in california

This private beach is only reached by a small rock arch and is surrounded by big sandstone hills. It’s the perfect place for people who want to let it all hang out. You need to start at Panther Beach and walk south until you find the secret rock arch. It’s like Narnia, but for naked people! A little of the sand under the rock arch is hidden during high tide, so it’s best to go when the tide is low or medium. The Pacific has dangerous surf, and we want you to be swept away by the views, not the water.

9. San Gregorio State Beach

nude beaches in california

San Gregorio State Beach is a popular beach in the South Bay Area, close to Silicon Valley. It has a big parking lot and good facilities. This area of the California coast is very wild, and people love to go there for picnics, birdwatching, beach activities, walks, fossil digging, and exploring the trails.

There are bathrooms, picnic tables, and grills that can be reached from both La Honda Road and Cabrillo Highway. You have to pay to park, and dogs aren’t allowed on the beach.

10. More Mesa Beach, Santa Barbara

nude beaches in california

More Mesa Beach is a fun beach where you don’t have to wear clothes. It’s north of downtown Santa Barbara. Along the small stretch, you’ll see both people slathering on oil to get rid of tan lines and people who just want to swim in the water without clothes.

11. San Gregorio Beach, San Mateo

nude beaches in california

There are two beaches in San Gregorio, one public and one private. Both are stunningly lovely, but the second allows you to leave your belongings behind and surrender to the sounds of the waves. There is a cost for parking, and the clothing-optional area is located to the north. The vast sandy beach with towering rocks and expansive vistas will reward you. It feels amazing to be here, and it’s not far from Silicon Valley, so you may utilize it as a weekend nudist retreat.

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